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Top 10 Richard Childress Racing NASCAR Schemes— Austin Dillon, Tyler Reddick and Anthony Alfredo Reveal Their Favorites

All images featured in this post are courtesy of Richard Childress Racing and the RCR (Richard Childress Racing) Graphics Center. 
The NASCAR season comes to a close this weekend. It has continued to entertain fans despite the challenges to live sporting events in 2020. The closely fought races this season haven’t lost any of the thrill, excitement, and color that NASCAR racing brings to US sports. And it’s this “color of NASCAR” that’s particularly important to Roland DGA because it illustrates what many of our customers do and what’s possible to create with our TrueVIS printers and other Roland DG large format printer technology. 
In this News Views and How To’s article, we’re sharing the favorite racecar graphics of Austin Dillon, Tyler Reddick, and Anthony Alfredo, as well as favorite color schemes from members of the RCR Graphics Center team who design and install these amazing graphics. We’ve also added own personal favorites in this showcase of truly amazing NASCAR wraps.
Anthony Alfredo Dude Wipes NASCAR
Anthony Alfredo’s Dude Wipes Scheme
Chosen by “Fast Pasta” himself, this neon-charged, blue and white scheme with classic racecar graphics elements was premiered at Anthony’s first speedway race in the Xfinity Series at the Talladega Superspeedway. 
Austin Dillon American Ethanol Patriotic NASCAR
Austin Dillon’s American Ethanol Patriotic Scheme
This patriotic scheme was designed for the annual fourth-of-July weekend race at Daytona International Speedway. It was chosen by Lee Ball, Lead Wrap Installer at Richard Childress Racing Graphics Center who personally designed and developed it.
Ty Dillon Yeungling Light NASCAR
Ty Dillon’s Yeungling Light Lager Retro Scheme 
Chosen by Mitch Miller, Production Manager at Richard Childress Racing Graphics Center, this scheme that Ty Dillon drove in the 2014 Xfinity Series season is one that Ty is often associated with and is recognizable to NASCAR race fans the world over.


Cat Power Tyler Reddick NASCAR
Tyler Reddick’s Cat Power Retro Scheme
This is a favorite of Roland DGA users and people on our social media channels. It got thousands of shares and likes on our Facebook page. People couldn’t believe how vivid the TrueVIS printed colors were for the “Too Tough to Tame” race at Darlington Raceway that gave a nod to the sportscar graphics of yesteryear— although I’m sure they were never this bright and exciting!  


Tyler Reddick Tame the Beast NASCAR
Tyler Reddick’s Tame the Beast Scheme
This is Tyler Reddick’s favorite scheme that he won the NXS Championship with last year. It’s not difficult to see why! The race winning Chevvy said “beast”, looked as fearsome as a “beast”, and drove like a “beast”.


Austin Dillon Coca Cola American Hero NASCAR
Austin Dillon’s Salute to America’s Heroes Coca-Cola Scheme 
Favorite of Nick Woodward, Graphics Manager at RCR Graphics Center, this 2020 Memorial Day weekend Charlotte Motor Speedway scheme was a very bold, eye-catching design that included a heartfelt tribute to SEAL, Chief Special Warfare Operator, Eric F. Shellenberger. 


Anthony Alfredo Death Wish Coffee NASCAR
Anthony Alfredo’s Death Wish Coffee Scheme
This is the favorite scheme of the News Views and How To’s Roland DGA blog team that looked so fierce and intimidating— a little bit of “heavy metal” for the Bristol Motor Speedway track earlier this year. We love the matte black and bright slash of red with skull and crossbones logo to complete this rock n’ roll look!
Austin Dillon’s Dow Scheme
PJ Brassard, Graphic Design Director at RCR Graphics Center cites Austin Dillon’s 2018 Daytona 500 winning Chevvy as his favorite scheme. One that he designed, it captured the classic color combination and impact of a truly great NASCAR racecar and was definitely a head-turner when it crossed the finish line in first place.


Austin Dillon American Ethanol Junior Johnson NASCAR
Austin Dillon’s Junior Johnson American Ethanol Scheme
Austin Dillon’s favorite scheme is the Junior Johnson American Ethanol throwback scheme for the “Too Tough to Tame” race at Darlington Raceway. It was a tribute to NASCAR great, Robert Glenn Johnson Jr. and was based on Johnson’s iconic Chevvy racecar livery. These supercool retro graphics made it look like it was picked up in the 1960’s and placed in 2020.


Tyler Reddick Roland DGA NASCAR
Tyler Reddick’s Roland DGA Scheme
Now did you really think we weren’t going to include our own Roland DGA colors in this blog post? This not only represents a fantastic example of racecar vehicle graphics, but it was an unforgettable moment for our company when Tyler crossed the line at MoneyLion 300 Xfinity series in April last year. It will always have a special significance to us. 
  • Richard Childress Racing (RCR) Graphics Center is at the absolute peak of vehicle graphic design and installation and they need the right print tools to be able to deliver impactful, camera-ready NASCAR graphics. That’s why they use Roland DG print technology and the latest TrueVIS VG2 printer/cutters with new Green and Orange ink that yields our most vivid, powerful, and accurate color ever.  
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