Dental Milling Machines, Dental 3D Printers and Medical Device Marking

DWX milling machines were built for reliable, precise and error-free milling. Requiring no machine expertise to operate them, they are simple to set-up and feature a host of automated features. Choose from a range of dry-milling and wet-milling devices and create high-quality bridges, crowns and other restorations. A medical marking machine is also available for adding UDI compliant barcodes onto medical tools.

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Dental Milling Machines

DWX-52DC New

DWX-52DC Milling Machine with Automatic Disc Changer

Day and night automatic milling for increased lab production and profit

  • Users of all skill levels can mill multiple zirconia shades, WAX, PMMA, pre-sintered metal and other material disks
  • 6-slot Automatic Disc Changer – load up-to six material disks
  • Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with up-to 15 burs that swap-out automatically
  • 5-axis simultaneous operation
DWX-51D Dental Mill

DWX-51D Dental Milling Machine

Simplified milling with touch-button controls and automated features

  • Easy and precise milling of wax, zirconia, PEEK, gypsum and PMMA
  • 5-axis simultaneous milling for complex prosthetics and full mouth restorations
  • 10-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with tool length sensor
  • Built-in dust collection system for maximum extraction and easy cleaning
DWX-4W wet dental mill

DWX-4W Wet Dental Mill

The ultimate in affordable, accurate and dependable wet milling technology

  • Precision milling of glass ceramics and composite resin
  • Jäger DentaDrive spindle operates at 60,000 RPM
  • 4-axis lead/worm screw driven machining that supports undercuts
  • 4-station automatic tool changer
  • Multi-pin clamp allows milling of three different pin-types
  • Automatic calibration and diagnostic notification system

DWX-4 Compact Dental Mill

Mill single crowns and bridges on demand from your desktop

  • Precision milling of wax, zirconia, nano composites and PMMA
  • Compact size is ideal for any lab environment
  • Unattended 4-axis milling with simple one-button operation
  • Diagnostic notification system alerts user of machine status
  • CAM software included
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Dental 3D Printers

DWP-80s 3D Denture Printer

DWP-80S Dental 3D Printer

Print custom trays, base plates, frameworks and more at the touch-of-a-button

  • Creating denture prosthetics has never been so convenient or accessible
  • Included Quick Denta Software for effortless 3-step production
  • Automatic positioning, support generation and 3D mesh healing
  • 80mm x 80mm x 80mm work area for producing multiple dental prosthetics at once
  • No expertise needed— simply import STL files and print