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Troubleshoot your software problems with these informative blog articles. Posts include step-by-step how-to's for VersaWorks and other Roland DG production software as well as essential info on integrating Photoshop, Illustrator and other commonly used programs.  
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“Peach Fuzz” is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2024 – Why That’s Important and How to Match Any Pantone Color

Pantone recently announced it’s 2024 color of the year – the recently released “Peach Fuzz.” This week’s Quick tip outlines a few simple steps in your customers can take in VersaWorks to accurately match Peach Fuzz – or any other Pantone color – quickly and easily.

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How to Three-Layer Print with White Ink Using a TrueVIS LG or MG Series UV Printer/Cutter

This week’s Quick Tip from Roland DGA Application Specialist Jim Maffeo outlines the steps for taking advantage of three-layer printing with white ink when using a TrueVIS LG or MG series printer/cutter. Share this information with your customers to help them optimize the quality of their prints while saving time and effort.

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How to Use the VersaWorks Multilayer Feature for One-Pass Backlit Applications

This week’s Quick Tip walks TrueVIS MG Series UV printer/cutter users through the process of using the new Multilayer tool in VersaWorks for backlit applications – a feature that can save them considerable time and effort by allowing the printing of three ink layers in a single pass. Great information to share with your MG customers!

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The Best Practice Workflow for GTS

In this week’s Quick Tip, Product Manager Kitt Jones outlines the steps for getting set up properly and achieving optimum results when using an LEF2 UV benchtop printer and the Roland DGA Graphic Transfer System (GTS).

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