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Graphic Transfer System for UV Printers

NEW Graphic Transfer System

Roland DGA’s new Graphic Transfer System (GTS) makes it quick and easy to apply stunning pre-printed UV ink graphics to irregularly shaped objects that are difficult or impossible to print on directly, or not suitable for decals. With GTSTM, decorating even ornate items, including those with uneven surfaces, rounded corners, and extended lips or edges, is simple. Plus, the process requires just a few steps, so anyone – even those with no printing experience – can customize or personalize just about anything.

  • Roland DGA offers all necessary graphic transfer system components – an LEF2 UV printer, V-BOND UV ink, GTS Print Sheets, and GTS Transfer Film (each sold separately)
  • Transfer stunning UV graphics to irregular objects and substrates with ease and precision
  • Perfect for retail applications, small businesses, and print service providers

A Complete
UV Graphic Transfer System

Roland DGA offers everything you need to perform GTS applications – a Roland DG VersaUV LEF2 UV printer, specially formulated V-BOND UV inks, GTS Print Sheets (available in 25 packs or 100 packs), and GTS Transfer Film (available in 25 meter or 50 meter rolls). If you already have an LEF2 Series flatbed printer, you can simply purchase the necessary components.

Transfer Vibrant, Detailed UV Graphics to Just About Anything

Just because objects are especially large or unusually shaped doesn’t mean you can’t enhance them with eye-catching UV-printed graphics. With GTS, it's simple to add value and appeal to a vast array of items that would be difficult or impossible to direct-print on.

Labels and Packaging

Images are for inspiration only. Be sure to test application material for adhesion.

In Four Easy Steps

The Graphic Transfer System workflow makes transferring even complex UV graphics with dimensional and textural special effects a breeze! Create one-of-a-kind customized and personalized products in just four easy steps:


Roland DGA’s Graphic Transfer System enables you to print colorful, detailed UV graphics and transfer them quickly and easily to a wide variety of substrates and objects with irregular surface structures.

Print Quality

The VersaUV LEF2 delivers unsurpassed image quality, allowing users to print vivid graphics and unique dimensional and textural effects onto the GTS Print Sheets for transfer.

Durability and Cost-Effectiveness

V-BOND UV Inks are durable, scratch resistant, and cost-effective. They also adhere well to many different materials and substrates, allowing for great-looking, long-lasting transferred graphics.


GTS is incredibly easy to use – the LEF2-printed graphics are so simple to apply, virtually anyone can do it!

Explore the LEF2 Line-Up

Roland DGA’s Graphic Transfer System can be used with any 20-inch or 30-inch VersaUV LEF2 Series benchtop flatbed UV printer. 

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