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Developing Western Sensibility: An Interview with Kathryn Sanders, Founder and CEO

Kathryn Sanders and Leana Becker of textile design and digital printing studio Western Sensibility in Missoula, Montana have added Roland DG's state-of-the-art wide-format UV flatbed and hybrid printers to expand their product offerings with prints on a wide range of surfaces for interior design applications.

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The Best Practice Workflow for GTS

In this week’s Quick Tip, Product Manager Kitt Jones outlines the steps for getting set up properly and achieving optimum results when using an LEF2 UV benchtop printer and the Roland DGA Graphic Transfer System (GTS).

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How to Prevent “Sticky” Ink Prints When Printing in Draft or Production Modes with a Roland DG IU-1000F

If any of your customers have commented that their printed output feels “sticky” when coming off an IU-1000F flatbed UV printer, share this week’s Quick Tip with them. Following just a few simple steps can help prevent this from occurring.

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