Roland’s ink offering includes formulations for a variety of applications, ranging from high-speed banners, signs, labels and vehicle graphics to fine art giclées, backlits, packaging prototypes and sublimation.

Packaged in secure, no-mess cartridges, all Roland inks are approved for use in standard shop environments when handled according to the company’s guidelines. And all deliver legendary Roland quality for brilliant prints that last for years to come.

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Metallic Silver Eco-Sol MAX® Ink

Eco-Sol MAX® Ink

  • Reformulated for faster dry times and enhanced image quality
  • Wide color gamut for reds, blues and greens
  • Nine colors, including light black, white and metallic silver
  • Virtually odorless, nickel free and user-friendly
  • Durability up to three years outdoors without lamination
  • Eco-Sol MAX 2 available for the SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 and XF-640
  • GREENGUARD Certified Ink UL 2818
TrueVIS Inks


  • Wide color gamut printing at a lower cost
  • Convenient 500ml pouches
  • No sacrificing color or image quality at production speeds
  • Pouches slide into hidden ink bay for clean use and less waste
  • Lasts up to 3 years outdoors with no-lamination
  • Super fast dry times
  • Dual CMYK (x2) plus Light Cyan, Light Magenta and Light Black ink options
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified Ink UL 2818

White Eco-Sol® MAX Ink

  • Formulated for SOLJET, VersaCAMM VS and VersaStudio white ink printer/cutters
  • Exceptional brightness, density and opacity
  • Outstanding imaging for crisp edges and smooth gradations
  • Durability up to one year outdoors
  • Ideal for applications involving clear media
  • Prints as a spot color and with CMYK in high-quality modes
  • User friendly and virtually odor free
  • Two formulations:
    • White Eco-Sol MAX for the VersaStudio BN-20
    • White Eco-Sol MAX 2 for the Pro 4 series and VersaCAMM VSi series
  • GREENGUARD Certified Ink UL 2818

ECO-UV® Inks

  • Optimized for the VersaUV's curing system for perfect curing at all print speeds
  • Cured inks are highly flexible, enabling stretching and application to curved surfaces without cracking
  • ECO-UV S can stretch up to 220 percent
  • VOC free and completely safe when cured
  • Superior scratch and alcohol-resistance
  • Compatibility with both coated and uncoated media
Texart SBL3 Dye Sublimation Inks

Texart SBL3 Dye Sublimation Inks

  • Formulated for Texart RT-640 Dye Sublimation Printer
  • Water based and fast drying
  • High concentration of dyes—reduces ink limits without loss of vibrancy
  • 4-color (CMYK ) and 8–color (CMYKLcLmOrVi) ink options
  • Intense contrast with dense black, orange and violet for wider color gamut
  • Vivid color with smooth gradation and sharp imagery