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All Products

VG3 Series New TrueVIS VG3 Series

Professional Printer/Cutters

  • 54"/64" eco-solvent printer/cutter
  • TR2 Ink in CMYK(x2), CMYKLcLmLk+Wh or CMYKLcLmLk+Or
  • Engineered to exceed the needs of demanding professionals with comprehensive color options, improved efficiency, and increased print/cut accuracy
  • Perfect for signs, decals, backlit displays, banners, vehicle wraps, apparel, wall graphics and so much more
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SG3 New TrueVIS™ SG3 Series

Professional Printer/Cutters

  • 54"/30" eco-solvent printer/cutter
  • TR2 Ink expands color gamut and provides ultra-vivid, detailed color
  • Features new automated features, added usability, and improved machine efficiency
  • Perfect for signs, decals, banners, displays, vehicle wraps, personalized apparel, wall graphics and so much more
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RF-640 8 Color Printer VersaEXPRESS™ RF-640 8-Color

Professional Large-Format Inkjet Printer with Unmatched Color

  • 64" eco-solvent printer
  • Eco-Sol MAX 3 ink (CMYKLk + ReGrOr)
  • Get ultra-impressive color, image quality, and reliability at an attractive price
  • Perfect for high-end promotions, backlits, wall graphics, art applications and more
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EJ-640 Printer SOLJET® EJ-640

High-Volume Large-Format Printer

  • 64" eco-solvent printer
  • EJ INK in CMYK or CMYKLcLmLk
  • Amazing resolution and print speeds up-to 1,098 sqft/hr. for high-volume, professional print and graphics production needs
  • Perfect for high-volume production of signs, banners, displays, fleet graphics, and more
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RF-640 Printer VersaEXPRESS™ RF-640

Professional Large-Format Inkjet Printer

  • 64" eco-solvent printer
  • Eco-Sol MAX 2 ink in CMYK(x2)
  • Get ultra-impressive print speed, productivity and image quality at a very attractive price
  • Perfect for vehicle wraps, banners, posters, displays, wall graphics and more
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New - BN-20a VersaSTUDIO BN-20, BN-20A

Desktop Inkjet Printer/Cutters

  • 20" eco-solvent printer/cutter
  • Now available in two models, including the lower priced BN-20A that prints CMYK configuration only
  • Eco-Sol MAX inks in CMYK, CMYK+Wh
  • Powerful Roland DG print/cut technology in a desktop size– the most versatile print device in its class
  • Perfect for apparel, stickers, decals, posters, labels and more
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LEC2 S Series VersaUV LEC2 S-Series

Multi-Function UV Flatbed printers

  • Available in 32” and 67” carriage sizes and six different bed size options
  • Rigid and flexible printing— a multi-functional device with an almost unlimited range of custom graphics possibilities
  • Dual CMYK or CMYK with Orange, Red, White, Primer and Gloss ink for 3D textures and embossing
  • Perfect for signs, displays, packaging prototypes, promotional giveaways, custom giftware, branded merchandise, and more


LEC2 Series VersaUV LEC2 Series

Professional and Performance UV Printer/Cutters

  • Available as 64” and 30" UV LED printer/cutters
  • Create high-end signs and displays or premium packaging and prototypes with a choice of models
  • The ideal print/cut solution for signs, displays, decals, packaging and more
  • Dual CMYK options or CMYK with White and Gloss ink for 3D textures, embossing and spot finishes
  • Print and cut flexible bag media, foils, BOPP, PE, PET film and offset printing stock


IU-1000F IU-1000F

UV-LED High-Productivity Flatbed Printer

  • 98.4" × 51.1" flatbed printing area
  • High-density, high-adhesion UV inks for full-color printing onto metal, glass and acrylic— includes Primer ink
  • Print directly onto 4' x 8' media boards, weighing up-to 99lbs with a 4.3-inch height clearance
  • Print high quality graphics onto PETG, PVC board, foam board, wood, corrugated board, aluminum plate and more


LEF2-300 & LEF2-300D VersaUV LEF2-300

UV Benchtop Flatbed Printer

  • 30" UV-LED flatbed printer
  • ECO-UV ink in CMYK plus White, Gloss and Primer
  • Higher volume customization— print directly on items up to 3.94" thick and 30" x 13" wide
  • Perfect for small signage, awards, electronics, promo items, industrial products, and more
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LEF2-200 VersaUV LEF2-200

UV Benchtop Flatbed Printer

  • 20" UV-LED flatbed printer
  • ECO-UV ink in CMYK plus White, Gloss and Primer
  • Streamlined short run customization— print directly onto medium-sized items up to 3.94” thick and 20”x 13” wide
  • Perfect for leather and fabric items, ceramics, canvas art, electronic accessories, jewelry, giftware, and more
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LEF-12i VersaUV LEF-12i

UV Benchtop Flatbed Printer

  • 12" UV-LED flatbed printer
  • ECO-UV ink in CMYK plus White, Gloss
  • Short run customization— print directly on items up to 3.94-inches thick and 12” x 13” wide
  • Perfect for golf balls, keyrings, smart phone covers, power banks, giftware, merchandise, and more
BT-12 VersaSTUDIO BT-12

Direct-to-Garment Desktop Printer

  • 15.7” direct-to-garment printer
  • Brilliant inks and 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi print resolution provides sharp and vibrant image results.
  • Clean, safe and easy apparel customization for users of all skill levels
  • Perfect for cotton t-shirts, jerseys, fashion accessories, infant clothing, pet vests, dishtowels, and so much more
XT-640S New Texart XT-640S

Multi-Station Direct-to-Garment Printer

  • 66” x 60” (bed size) direct-to-garment printer
  • Produce graphic t-shirts and apparel on-demand or in high-volume with the productivity, versatility, and flexibility of the Texart XT-640S
  • Print beyond t-shirts with a unique flatbed operation that offers t-shirt productivity as well as specialty apparel printing
  • Perfect for cotton t-shirts, jerseys, cotton blankets, fashion accessories, décor, and more


XT-640 Texart XT-640

High-Speed Dye-Sublimation Printer

  • 64" dye-sublimation printer
  • SBL3 Texart ink in CMYK (x2), CMYKLcLm plus Orange (Or) Violet (Vi) Fluorescent Pink (Fp) and Fluorescent Yellow (Fy)
  • High-volume printing of textiles and hard goods for dye-sublimation heat transfer
  • Perfect for soft signage, ChromaLuxe metal, sportswear, fashion, décor, promotional items, and so much more


RT-640 Texart RT-640

Performance Dye-Sublimation Printer

  • 64" dye-sublimation printer
  • SBL3 Texart ink in CMYK (x2), CMYKLcLm plus Orange (Or) Violet (Vi) Fluorescent Pink (Fp) and Fluorescent Yellow (Fy)
  • Performance printing of textiles and hard goods for dye-sublimation heat transfer
  • Perfect for soft signage, ChromaLuxe metal, sportswear, fashion, décor, promotional items, and so much more
RT-640M Texart RT-640M

Multi-Function Dye-Sublimation Printer

  • 64" dye-sublimation printer with transfer paper printing as well as direct-to-fabric production
  • SBL3 Texart ink in CMYK (x2), CMYKLcLm plus Orange (Or) Violet (Vi) Fluorescent Pink (Fp) and Fluorescent Yellow (Fy)
  • Performance printing of textiles and hard goods that optimizes soft signage and banner production with direct-to-fabric options
  • Perfect for soft signage, banners, backlit displays, ChromaLuxe metal, apparel,décor, promotional items, and so much more


GR2 New CAMM-1 GR2 Series

High-Speed Large Format Cutters

  • Available in 54"/64" models
  • Intelligent sensor workflow combines seamlessly with TrueVIS VF2-640 printers and other large format printers for precision print-then-cut
  • Cutting speeds up to 1,530 mm/s with a downforce of up to 600 gf
  • Perfect for signage, apparel, vehicle graphics, clear paint protection, decals, packaging and more
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GS-24 Stand CAMM-1 GS-24

Desktop Performance Cutter

  • 24" model— stand now included with purchase
  • Use with cutting vinyl, paint mask, reflective vinyl, twill, heat transfers, sandblast material and more
  • Overlap cutting (up to 10x) cuts thicker media like magnetic and card stock
  • Perfect for signage, apparel, vehicle graphics, clear paint protection, decals, and more
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Automated Benchtop Milling Machine

  • Work area is 12" (X) by 12" (Y) by 4.1" (Z)
  • 4-axis, unattended milling with 5-station Automatic Tool Changer for continuous operation
  • Mill plastic foam, ABS, POM, hardwood, non-ferrous metals, etc.
  • Automated milling and unmatched ease-of-use with precision results— fully-enclosed milling of parts, prototypes and other 3D objects
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SRM-20 monoFab SRM-20

Compact Milling Machine

  • Work area is 8" (X) by 6" (Y) by 2.38" (Z)
  • Multi-axis milling and phenomenal feed rate
  • Mill wax, foam, ABS, chemical wood, acrylic, poly acetate, etc
  • Most user-friendly and precise CNC mill in its class— a fully-enclosed 3D milling device that fits into any office, home, or classroom environment.

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LV Series LV-290/LV-180

Laser Engraving Machines

  • Cut-out wood, leather and fabric, and mark on metal, glass and more
  • Fully-enclosed operation with a non-contact CO2 laser and Class 1 safety compliance
  • Create personalized giftware, jewelry, trophies, prototypes and more
  • Pair an LV with an LEF flatbed printer for a laser-cutting and print customization workflow

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SRM-20 Engraver New SRM-20

Compact Engraver/Mill

  • Compact mill paired with an Engraving Accessory Kit
  • Engrave plastic signs and awards, diamond scribed gifts, and more
  • Fits in a home, office, or classroom desktop environment
  • Includes software and accessories to start engraving out of the box

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Desktop Rotary Engraver

  • Advanced 3D personalization of giftware, signs, trophies, and industrial products
  • Engrave brass, aluminum, copper, engraving plastic, wooden items and more
  • Includes new Dr. Engrave Plus software
  • Engraving made easy with laser pointer, non-scratch precision and other advanced features

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LD-300 LD-300 Laser Decorator

Heat Transfer Foil Personalization

  • Heat transfer your designs in metalized foil onto leather, polycarbonate, acrylic and more
  • Personalize multiple giftware items and larger leather items with expanded machine production
  • Compact, easy-to-use and safe-to-operate— a fully-enclosed operation using a Class 1 laser
  • Includes intuitive design software for your Windows PC

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Dry dental milling machine with 24-hour milling capabilities

  • Redesigned, more robust spindle for 3x tool gripping power for more efficient, predictable milling of PMMA applications
  • Built-in fully-integrated web camera for real-time mill monitoring
  • Enhanced disc changer with 50% faster exchange for increased production with 24-hour milling capacity and capabilities.

Dental Milling Machine with Automatic Disc Changer

  • 6-disk production of crowns, bridges, frameworks and more
  • 24-hour milling of multiple zirconia shades, WAX, PMMA, pre-sintered metal, CoCr sinter metal and other materials
  • 15-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with tool length sensor
  • Includes performance visualization software to plan, identify and manage indexing operations

Dental Milling Machine

  • 5-axis simultaneous milling of crowns, bridges, frameworks and more
  • Precision milling of zirconia, wax, PMMA, CoCr sinter metal, glass fiber reinforced resin and other materials
  • 15-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with tool length sensor
  • Better disc handling, improved tool management and other enhanced features

Enhanced Wet Dental Milling

  • High-speed 4-axis milling of crowns, 3-unit bridges, veneers and more
  • Mill high-esthetic glass ceramics and composite resin
  • 6-station automatic tool changer
  • Enhanced production— proprietary DGSHAPE spindle, LAN connectivity, and 50% faster than previous wet mill
SOL LCD 3D New Sol LCD 3D Printer

Precise, Fast and Predictable 3D Printing

  • Prints at 3x the speed of standard SLA Printers
  • Contains 5x more UV Power than previous models to match or exceed that of DLP Printers
  • Includes exclusive AI software with 100+ pre-calibrated resin profiles
  • Ready-to-print right out of the box with the all-inclusive SOL LCD 3D Printer Bundle
TrueVIS Inks TrueVIS INK

Next Generation Eco-Solvent with Unmatched Color Quality

  • Available in convenient 500ml pouches for printing with TrueVIS series printer/cutters
  • Unmatched color and image quality at production speeds— lasts up to 3 years outdoors without lamination
  • CMYK (SG series) Dual CMYK (x2) plus Light Cyan, Light Magenta and Light Black ink options (VG series)
  • Gloss inks for 3D textures and embossed effects


Metallic Silver Eco-Sol MAX Ink Eco-Sol Max Ink

Featuring Metallic Inks

  • Available in 440ml and 220ml ink cartridges for a wide selection of eco-solvent inkjet printers
  • Excellent opacity and density with high gloss level and color brilliance
  • Prints as spot color or combines with CMYK— additional Metallic Silver, White, Light Black available
  • GREENGUARD Certified Ink UL 2818



Next Generation Eco-Solvent

  • Available in 500ml pouches for bulk printing with the EJ-640 printer
  • Designed for exceptional color results on long print runs— dries quickly and swaps-out without stopping printing
  • Dual CMYK (x2) plus Light Cyan, Light Magenta and Light Black ink options
  • Long-term outdoor durability with scratch and chemical resistance



UV Curing Ink for VersaUV Printers

  • Available in 220ml ink cartridges for direct printing with VersaUV technology
  • Highly flexible when applied and cured onto curved surfaces— offering brilliant color results on hundreds of materials and substrates
  • CMYK, White and Gloss (Primer ink also available for LEF-300 flatbed printer)
  • Gloss inks for 3D textures and embossed effects


Textart SBL3 Inks Texart SBL3 Ink

Dye-Sublimation Inks for Texart Printers

  • Fluorescent Pink and Fluorescent Yellow inks now available
  • Water based and fast drying
  • High concentration of dyes reduces ink limits without loss of vibrancy
  • Intense contrast, wide color gamut, smooth gradation and sharp imagery
  • 4-color (CMYK) and 8–color (CMYKLcLmOrVi or CMYKLcLmFpFy) ink options available


Connect App Roland DG Connect App

Easy and Convenient Monitoring of Your Print Operation

  • A machine monitoring app for running your machine at an “A-grade” performance
  • An easy-to-understand, color-coded dashboard for an instant view of your statistics
  • See the status of ink levels, monitor print heads for manual cleaning frequency, view wiper lifetime and levels of liquid waste
  • Download from the App Store or Google Play to get production monitoring from your desktop and smart devices



VersaWorks 6 VersaWorks 6

Enhanced RIP Software for Eco-Solvent, UV and Cutting Production

  • Latest, feature-packed RIP for Roland DG eco-solvent and VersaUV printers
  • Super powerful HARLEQUIN RIP dual-core engine and native 64-bit processing for transparencies, drop shadows and other effects
  • Five print queues and the ability to save and store unlimited queue settings
  • Special Color Plate Generation— auto-generate White, Gloss and other ink layers
  • All the advanced and ease-of-use features of previous VersaWorks and more


R-Wear Studio Roland R-Wear Studio

Engraving Design Software for Rhinestone Apparel Applications

  • Design and output rhinestone apparel templates for EGX engravers and Roland cutters
  • Import common image files including EPS and AI, generate stroke fonts for customized inscriptions, and utilize a digital library with 500 Swarovski styles
  • Associated rhinestone costs allow cost calculation and control inventory
  • All the necessary tools to design and create decorative apparel and gifts


ErgoSoft RIP software Ergosoft Roland DG Edition

Dye-Sublimation RIP Software for Texart Printers

  • Simplifies dye-sublimation print management on Roland DG Texart printers
  • Advanced RIP tools to take on multiple print jobs with minimum waste— work seamlessly with common sublimation fabrics and media
  • Job cost calculation, color management, image editing and other advanced features
  • Available as ErgoSoft Roland DG Edition and new ErgoSoft Roland DG Edition 2


Roland CutStudio Roland CutStudio

Design Cut Graphics

  • Design and output precise cut graphics for CAMM-1 series and STIKA cutters
  • Supports common images files including EPS and AI– vectorization tool generates cut lines from any JPG or bitmap image
  • Easy-to-use software reduces, positions, rotates, mirrors, and enlarges images
  • Includes plug-ins for Adobe® Illustrator® (Mac & PC) and CorelDRAW® (PC only)


EngraveLab EngraveLab

Design and Production Software for Engraving Machines

  • Additional design and production software for Roland engraving technologies
  • Loaded with tools for engraving trophies, awards and signs
  • More than 65 import filters, raster-to-vector image tracing and Grade 2 Braille translation
  • 1100 fonts with WYSIWIG text composition and100 engraving fonts


3D Software for 3D Printing and CNC Milling Roland DG 3D Bundled Software

Scan, Model and Output to Roland DG 3D Devices

  • Roland DG 3D devices are bundled with advanced 3D software
  • SRP Player CAM— user-friendly CAM software with advanced editing capabilities
  • 3D Engrave, EngraveStudio and Dr.Engrave— edit and output engraving files
  • ClickMill, MODELA player and Virtual Modela also included with select machines


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