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Environmental Commitment

The Roland DG organization worldwide has been proactive in establishing environmentally sound business practices that have both reduced the environmental impact of its products and led to the adoption of cleaner, more energy efficient manufacturing practices.

Recycling Programs

Roland DGA’s cartridge recycling program joins a host of initiatives worldwide designed to decrease the environmental impact of the company’s products and operations.


In addition, Roland DGA recycles paper, cardboard, pallets, plastics and other recyclables. The company has also installed low-wattage lights throughout its facilities that feature sensors and automatic timers to conserve energy. Roland DGA operates building heating and cooling systems through an automated public utility-managed system that regulates the amount of energy these systems use in accordance with government guidelines. The company’s Accounting and other departments are paperless as well.

Environmental Policy

Roland DG Corporation (Headquarters: Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, JAPAN) has developed its own Management System processes consisting of EMS (Environmental Management System) and QMS (Quality Management System) and manufactures products that are certified to ISO standards*.

Environmental Management System

EMS has been developed to achieve a sustainable society worldwide under our environmental policy “We Keep Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing in Mind,” and environmental initiatives are being implemented to achieve the company’s objectives and goals, where each and every employee considers the relationship between their work and the environment and formulates a variety of ideas to reduce their impact on the environment.

Quality Management System

QMS is aimed at reducing environmental impact through design concepts and selection of part materials, and Roland DG will continue pursuing a level of quality so as to better satisfy customers by manufacturing products that they can trust. 

Roland DG is committed to reducing the environmental impact that its products and goods have by maintaining a level of quality that is in line with worldwide standards in order to manufacture products that customers are satisfied with.

Please visit the Roland DG corporate website “Environmental Activities” for more information on Roland DG’s guiding principles.

*ISO certification status Roland DG Headquarters, Miyakoda Plant, Tokyo Office (ISO9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015)


Roland DG Digital Group (Thailand) Ltd., (ISO9001:2015)

For details of Roland DG’s ISO certification status, visit the Roland DG corporate website “Guiding Principles and Policies