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What’s New: RCM-SSFB

We have received requests from many VersaSTUDIO BN-20 users, asking that we add a printable banner to our media lineup. Well, what started as a product specifically for our BN-20 customers became a product thats ideal for use by all Roland DG printer owners! SoftSign™ Fabric Banner (RCM-SSFB) is an extension to our SoftSign product family. Here's a quick snapshot of what the product is:

  1. What is RCM-SSFB?

    RCM-SSFB is our new 15-mil heavyweight banner that is made of 100% polyester. It has an Oxford weave and features curl-resistant edges. This beautiful product gives a high-end look and feel to any banner application, whether hanging, in a frame, or in a retractable banner stand.

  2. What sizes does RCM-SSFB come in?

    It is available at 20” x 75', 30” x 150', and 54” x 150' rolls.

  3. What ink this media compatible with?

    RCM-SSFB is compatible with all of Roland DG's eco-solvent, resin, and UV inks. You can print it using inkjets from any of our printer families, from VersaSTUDIO to VersaOBJECT to TrueVIS.

  4. Can I use this media for backlit applications?

    No, RCM-SSFB is an opaque fabric banner made for frontlit applications only.

  5. What profiles can I use for this product?

    Profiles are being created for RCM-SSFB and will be posted on the Roland Profile Center when available. However, you can also use profiles for ESM-SSC2, since both products have a similar top coat.

  6. Do I need any special equipment to finish this banner?

    You can finish this product as you would with regular PVC-based banners ( i.e., sewing, hemming, grommets, RF welding).

Enjoy the new SoftSign Fabric Banner as a green and high-end alternative to PVC banners!

Lily Hunter

Lily Hunter

Lily Hunter is Roland DGA, Senior Product Manager of eCommerce & Supplies, and manages the consumables and machine supplies at the Roland DGA Store as well as being Roland DGA product and industry expert on dye-sublimation and textile printing.