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Best Practices for Storage and Shipment of Direct to Film Transfers for the BN20D

For users who are creating direct-to-film transfers that will be pressed by the final customer several days or weeks after the transfer has been completed, there are some best practices that should be followed. Taking these steps will minimize the chance of a failed transfer at the customer site after pressing.

The first and most critical step in the process is to make sure the transfer is printed, powdered, and cured correctly. It’s important that the proper “baking” or “melting” guidelines are followed and for the BN-20D user to ensure that the completed print is 100 percent cured and ready to transfer.

When it comes to the storage and shipment of DTF transfers, the biggest problems occur when there is too much humidity. Avoiding these types of issues is simple, however, and only requires a couple of very inexpensive items:

  1. Make sure that the transfers are stored in a bag that is completely resealable, such as a 1-gallon zip-lock freezer bag. Freezer bags tend to have a stronger resealing mechanism than non-freezer quality bags and are designed to keep the contents free from excessive dryness or humidity.
  2. The second item that should accompany the transfers being stored or shipped are Silica packs. Silica packs are designed to prevent moisture from forming. They are also safe and non-toxic, so they work perfectly for garment transfers. Skipping this step can result in poor transfer quality due to excessive moisture build up.

Too much moisture can cause poor transfer quality, which can reduce wash durability. Moisture can also work to break down the bond between the ink, powder, and film, allowing the release of ink to cause oil and ink bleeding from the edges. Excessive moisture can also compromise the curing bond at the center of the graphic, resulting in voids or “oil spots.”

Here is an example of the Silica Packs used for storing tradeshow graphics. Larger sizes are available for large transfer orders.

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Daniel Valade

Daniel Valade is Roland DGA’s Color Product Manager.  In addition to being an expert in Roland DG inkjet and cutter technologies, he is an accomplished trainer and speaker.