VersaStudio BN-20 20" Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer/Cutter | Roland DGA
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This 54 page PDF is a step by step walkthrough of the features of the VersaStudio BN-20 covering creation of files and output of specialty inks. Its a must for any new BN-20 owner
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This document describes the process for calibrating or linerizing a print mode in Roland VersaWorks.
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Color Management Presets in Roland VersaWorks
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This document outlines the procedures to load the Roland VersaWorks swatches into Adobe Indesign.
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This document describes the setup and work flow for printing using white ink on the SC-545EX printer and Roland VersaWorks.
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This document outlines the procedure for printing gray using Roland VersaWorks RIP application.
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This document describes the use of Special Color and Named Color Replacement in Roland VersaWorks.
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Details how to use the Roland Color System for perfect matching color out of Illustrator.
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Instructions on how to use the Custom Cut feature in VersaWorks. This instruction set is for configuring VersaWorks to a determined page size to increase cut accuracy.
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This document outlines the procedure for performing a Clean Reinstallation of Roland VersaWorks.
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This document offers tips and tricks on how to use VersaWorks effectively in conjunction with design applications such as Illustrator and Photoshop.
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Windows 7 Support Information for color products: VersaWorks, COLORIP, ColorChoice and ColorChoice II.
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Material data sheet for Heat Transfer Material ESM-HTM2.
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spreadsheet referenced in job log part 2 webinar.
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No Description Available.
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Windows 10
Windows 10 driver, version 1.50. 64-bit operating system
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BN-20 Windows 10 driver, version 1.50. 32-bit operating system
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How To Extract a File for Windows 10
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Windows 7
BN-20 Windows 7 driver, version 1.50. 32-bit operating system
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BN-20 Windows 7 driver, version 1.50. 64-bit operating system
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Windows 8
Windows 8 driver, version 1.50. 32-bit operating system
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Windows 8 driver, version 1.50. 64-bit operating system
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Windows Vista
BN-20 Driver Windows Vista 32 Bit Version 1.50
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BN-20 Driver Windows Vista 64 Bit Version 1.50
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Windows XP
BN-20 Windows Driver XP 32 Bit v1.40 Note: Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP
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BN-20 Windows Driver XP 64 Bit v1.40 Note: Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP
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Zipped file includes the BN-20 RFW file, exe and instructions.
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Zipped file includes the BN-20 RFW file, exe and instructions.
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The procedure wil guide you through replacing the waste ink cartridge on the Roland BN-20.
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HTM3 and PTM2 Application Instructions
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HTM3 and PTM2 Application Instructions - Spanish
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HeatSoft SATIN ESM-HTMS and PTM2 Transfer Mask Application Instructions
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HTM3 Spec Sheet - Spanish
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HTM3 Spec Sheet
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ESM-HTMS HeatSoft SATIN Heat Transfer Material - Specification Sheet
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Especificaciones del Material de Termotransferencia de Poliuretano HeatSoft SATIN ESM-HTMS
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Specification Sheet for PGM-PTM2 HeatSoft Polyester Transfer Mask
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Specification Sheet for PGM-PTM2 HeatSoft Polyester Transfer Mask - Spanish
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Specification Sheet for Sihl 3145 Glamour PhotoBoard semi-rigid card stock.
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2020 CPSIA Statement for Roland inks
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ESL3-CY, ESL3-MG, ESL3-YE, ESL3-BK, ESL3-LC, ESL3-LM, ESL3-WH, ESL3-MT, ESL3-4CY, ESL3-4MG, ESL3-4YE, ESL3-4BK, ESL3-4LC, ESL3-4LM Safety Data Sheet
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This is a conformity statement to EUs RoHS directive for the ESL3-MT ink EcoSOL MAX Silver Metallic
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This is a conformity statement to EUs RoHS directive for the ESL3 inks. EcoSOL MAX - ESL3-CY, ESL3-MG, ESL3-YE, ESL3-BK, ESL3-LC, ESL3-LM, ESL3-WH, ESL3-4CY, ESL3-4MG, ESL3-4YE, ESL3-4BK, ESL3-4LC, ESL3-4LM
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Material Safety Data Sheet for ESM-GCVP: Glossy Calendered Vinyl
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Safety Data Sheet for ESM-HTMS: HeatSoft SATIN heat transfer material
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Material Safety Data Sheet for ESM-MCVP: Matte Calendered Vinyl.
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ESM-SGP3 Material Safety Data Sheet
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Material Safety Data Sheet for PGM-PTM2 HeatSoft Polyester Transfer Mask
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Media Safety Information document for Sihl 3145 Glamour PhotoBoard semi-rigid card stock.
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SL Cleaning Liquid MSDS
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Conformity statement to EUs RoHS directive for the SL-CL SOL Cleaning cartridge
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SOL ink Cleaning Liquid Safety Data Sheet
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This document describes the printing method using the metallic silver ink in combination of Roland VersaWorks and BN-20.
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Details basic operations and maintenance of the BN-20.
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Details basic operations and maintenance of the BN-20.
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This guide describes the white ink workflow on XC-540, including the new Single Pass printing mode.
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All information for basic set up and use of the Versaworks software in Spanish
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This documents reviews the current Roland DGA depot repair policy
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Casino Night sample sticker file
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Cowabunga Surfing Pineapple print cut sample file
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Houdinis_decal print cut sample file
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Kingsnake_8in x 2in sample file
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Paul Bunyan_8in x 2in sample file
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Use this file to adjust the PerfCut pressure in VersaWorks.
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Contour Cut Path Outline in Flexi Design. Roland Color Matching System SAi FlexiSign
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This Zip file contains a variety of PDF files that can be used when submitting print samples to Roland for evaluation. Use the appropriate file to create your sample. Please follow the enclosed instructions when printing and sending the test file.
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Roland DGA Logo sample cut file
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Roland Certified Sample cut file
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Roland VersaWorks Swatch Library for CutContour and PerfCutContour swatch. Adobe Illustrator file AI file
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CutContour and PerfCutContour swatch for CorelDRAW .xml file.
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Part 1 BN-20 Installation and Setup training. This is a helpful guide that references all the steps on how to properly install the BN-20. Please refer to parts 2 & 3.
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Part 2 BN-20 Operation & Applications. This is a helpful guide that references all the steps on how to properly operate the BN-20. In addition it walks you through a variety of applications based on media type and final printed products.
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Part 3 BN-20 Maintenance & Troubleshooting course. This is a helpful guide that references all the steps on how to properly maintain your BN-20. It walks you through on how clean and replace key components.
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This guide PDF offers helpful tips for achieving optimal cut quality and describes the blades that are available by Roland and lists which blade to choose based by application.
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Este documento explica los principios básicos de la cuchilla de corte, y ofrece sugerencias para solucionar problemas con el corte.
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GXS-24 Stand Assembly Instructions for GS-24 & BN-20
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Instructions on how to convert from Eco-Sol Max White ink to Eco-Sol MAX 2 White. Note: This upgrade is for White ink only. Models: BN-20, XC-540WMT, VS-300, VS-420, VS-540 VS-640.
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Instructions in Spanish on how to convert from Eco-Sol Max White ink to Eco-Sol MAX 2 White. Note: This upgrade is for White ink only. Models: BN-20, XC-540WMT, VS-300, VS-420, VS-540 VS-640.
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VersaWorks Quick Start Guide
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This document outlines the procedures to install RVW printer drivers manually in Windows7.
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Roland VersaWorks profiling procedure
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This guide is for the use with both Roland VersaWorks and VersaWorks Dual. This manual describes the characteristics of white and metallic inks, important notes, maintenance and proper printing methods.
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Perfilando un material con Roland VersaWorks
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Full installer for the BN-20 WinUtility, v.1.00. Refer to the included Readme.txt file for installation instructions.
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This updater will upgrade BN-20 Utility 1.00, Full install above If you have any version lower than 1.40 on you your PC, then perform this update. Software to version 1.40. Please read the included ReadMe.txt file before installing.
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This CorelDraw X5 swatch file includes the swatch for doing PerfCut. Please copy the unzipped .xml file into the My Palettes folder under My Documents.
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This is the software package zip file for SFEdit2 and supports R-WearStudio and MetazaStudio software only.
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Roland Swatch libraries for Illustrator.
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This updater will upgrade the older RVW .Read all the instructions first on this link. Before you select. 585MB -- 690MBfrom Ver3.00 to Ver5.00 RVWUpdater30.exe 420MB:below Ver3.00
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This document includes links to VersaWorks Support Pages, the VersaWorks 6 Upgrade page. Also, included are links to troubleshooting documents, software system requirements and the compatibility list.
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Link to the VersaWorks 6 Upgrade site
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Use this updater if you are running VersaWorks version 6.0 or later . After applying this update, you can update to the latest version either Online or by applying the latest offline updater.
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This is an in-depth series of 31 individual videos on how to install the BN-20. Starting from unpacking the printer, set up, installing software on your computer, to full operation.
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BN-20 Video Setup Guide
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In this episode of Pro Tips, we look at a quick way to create a spot color in Adobe Photoshop that can be used to create a wide array of specialty ink effects using White, Gloss and Metallic inks.
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This video explains the PerfCut feature in VersaWorks and how to use it.
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Printer Maintenance VersaStudio BN-20
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Tutorial video for printing in VersaWorks with CMYK, Metallic Silver and White in Single-Pass and Dual-Pass.
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Follow this link to the Roland Academy Webinars On-Demand webpage. Then filter through the videos to find a training session that suits your needs.
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Basic workflow for producing a Rhinestone motif template using Roland R-WearStudio.
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Tutorial video for selecting the proper print modes in VersaWorks when printing with CMYK, White and Metallic Silver on clear media.
49.06 KB
Video for working with transparencies in Adobe Illustrator specifically for VersaWorks original. Certain design elements in Illustrator can cause cut lines to disappear in VersaWorks original.
55.39 KB
This video outlines how to troubleshoot cutlines from Adobe Illustrator for Roland VersaWorks.
55.67 KB
The video outlines how to perform Roland VersaWorks update via Roland@Net and Offline updater.
47.05 KB
This video will walk you through the steps of using the Roland System Color Library with CorelDRAW.
17.57 MB
This video outlines the process to use variable data printing in VersaWorks.
57.92 KB
The following video outlines how to vectorize a graphic for rhinestone placement using Roland R-WearStudio.
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No Description Available.
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No Description Available.
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This troubleshooting will describe reasons for having a media skew issue.
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This troubleshooting document will help guide you through the symptom of missing a cut line in VersaWorks.
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This troubleshooting guide will review different aspects of color variations.
2.58 MB
Document describing issues and solutions relateted to static on Roland devices.
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Este documento está diseñado para proporcionar una descripción general sobre cómo la estática afecta la calidad de impresión en las impresoras Roland de formato ancho.
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This document outlines the troubleshooting procedures for VersaWorks crashing or freezing lock up.
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Roland DGA created a 3 part series of valuable self help documents. In addition we have a full library of self help videos on how to properly install the VersaStudio BN-20
Heat transfer media does not adhere to fabric properly.
No available banner media for BN-20
Blade doesn't cut WFRF properly.
Steps to resolve connectivity issues on the BN-20
Utilitydoes not communicate to the BN-20
I have a MAX2 white cartridge and all other cartridges are MAX inks. How should I set up my new BN-20?
Current Roland user wants to switch from Eco Solvent inks to dye sublimation inks
Does the BN-20 have a sheet cut feature
Can theBN-20 handle sublimation inks?
Can the BN-20 perform a perf cut?
TheBN-20 is able to print on banner material.
HELP!! I can't find the driver I need for my Roland!
Why cant the device be switched from CMYKMt -Wh or CMYKWh Mt?
I need a clear film that is compatible with my eco-solvent printer that I can print film positives.
Chart of color products (EcoSol/UV/Sublimation) that includes the various configurations, ink types and part numbers for ink. This article has been optimized for Mobile viewing.
The cut path is being clipped on one side of the print
CutContour linein apdf filedisappears.
Do other RIPs have drivers for the BN-20?
The BN-20 does require regular maintenance.
How long is the BN-20 installation process?
Wall graphics media either falls off or sticks too aggressively to the wall
Does the BN-20 require calibrations?
Is it easy to load material in the BN-20printer?
Is the utility software easy to use?
Poor printability; not clinging to glass surface
When loading media by the sheet the BN-20 sends a message stating The Pinch Roller position is incorrect
Printer does not recognize a new ink cartridge or customer has a faulty ink cartridge that causes printing issues.
HELP!! I lost the software DVD/CD for my machine!!
General information about OnSupport
Las impresoras de inyección de tinta Roland han sido diseñadas para permanecer inactivas solo durante breves periodos de tiempo. Cuando no está siendo usada, cada impresora lleva a cabo un mantenimiento automático. Sin embargo, hay algunas situaciones que requieren periodos prolongados de inactividad, especialmente en entornos educativos. Es importante preparar correctamente estos dispositivos para largos periodos de inactividad con el propósito de evitar daños y garantizar que estén en perfectas condiciones de producción al momento de imprimir nuevamente.
Roland inkjet printers were designed to accommodate short periods of downtime. Each printer performs automated maintenance when the machine is not in use. However, there are some situations that require extended periods of downtime, this is especially true in educational settings. It is important to properly prepare these devices for extended downtime to prevent damage and to ensure that your machine is in perfect production shape when you’re ready to start printing again.
Why do some of my prints on textiles look washed out and others don't?
HTM2 peels off in sections after laundering.
Wall and/or paint damage during removal of WFRV and/or WFRF.
Waste cartridge has been changed but still showing full.
Roland VersaWorks Guide
Guide to RVW settings when printing white on clear material.
Can I use either of these cleaning cartridges interchangeably?
Spot color with transparency warning appears when trying to save a file to eps in Adobe Illustrator
FAQ for VersaWorks 6 - Includes supported devices, computer requirements and downloading/installing information.
Interested in upgrading to VersaWorks 6
Wall graphics is falling off after a few hours of application.
Waste tank shows full but pads are still clean can they be reused? Can pads be replaced with other products?
All Roland devices with a USB, Parallel (LPT), or Serial (COM) port need a driver to communicate with a computer. For Roland products compatible with Apple Macintosh operating systems, a plugin is used with Adobe Illustrator. For Roland devices with an Ethernet port, the output software (e.g. - RIP)includes the driver as part of the application.
When outputting a design to your printer, the software needs to be able to translate commands to the device (such as how much ink to fire and when). These commands tell the machine how fast to feed the material, at what speed the print carriage travels, and what heat settings are needed for the print platen. Other variables include theproperties of thematerial being printed on, how the ink chemsitry reacts to it, how the different process colors of ink blend together to form other colors, and how long the print takes to dry. A Profile is a combination of all of these variables, among others.
Colors are not matching from one panel to the next when printing tiled images
Why cant the BN-20 heat settings be adjusted?
Why can't the BN-20maintenance and alignments be performed from VW?
Why do I need the latest firmware and software updates?
Length of the ink fill process
Why is it so slow? Compare with the VS and RE using same print heads.
Why won't my BN-20 Power On?