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VersaStudio BN-20 20" Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer/Cutter

Replacing the Waste Cartridge
Waste cartridge has been changed but still showing full.
​Waste cartridge has been changed but still showing full.

​Removing the waste cartridge before being prompted by the BN Utility.


​When the waste cartridge is filled with waste fluid, the Utility window automatically displays a message in the status window prompting you to change the cartridge.  Follow the message's instructions and replace the waste cartridge.  It is very important to only replace the cartridge after the message appears in the utility, otherwise discharge fluid may leak from the main unit.

When the waste cartridge has been replaced, the following message will be displayed: "Have you replaced the cartridge with a new one?  If you have, click Yes.  If you do not have a waste cartridge that you can replace the existing one with, turn the printer off."  If you replace the waste cartridge without being prompted the Utility may show the new cartridge as full as the BN Utility has not been triggered to reset.  Once you click yes, the Utility should show the waste cartridge as new/empty

Never use a used waste cartridge.  Waste fluid may overflow because it cannot be managed properly.

May 13, 2020