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VersaStudio BN-20 20" Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer/Cutter

Best Blade Setting on BN-20 for WFRF
Blade doesn't cut WFRF properly.
​Blade doesn't cut WFRF properly.


Wrong blade and / or settings used.

Use a 60 degree blade with .50 (ZEC-U3050) offset for any material that is on the thicker side or that is a bit more difficult to cut like fabric, but a 45 degree with .250 offset will get the job done.  If the cut is more detailed with sharper edges, than go with the 60 for sure, basic oval and rounded rectangles will be no problem for the 45 degree.

For pressure, if the end-user is very conservative with blade extension, use 90 grams of force for the 60 degree blade.  If the  end-user has more blade exposed, the pressure required will be less for a quality cut, but 90 grams is a great starting point for wither angle blade.  General rule of thumb for adding pressure for perf cut is so start with an additional 90 grams and go up from there  Rarely will you exceed an additional 100 grams, unless there is an overlaminate.  Normally, somewhere between 180 and 200 grams of force will be the range the user will find works best.

May 13, 2020