DWX-53DC 5-Axis Dry Dental Mill with Automatic Disc Changer | Roland DGA
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Using the Open Edge Adapter ZMA2-53DC
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Windows Diver [ 2022-09-07, Ver.1.50 ]
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Regarding Windows 11
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DWX-53DC Firmware Updater [ 2023-01-31, Ver.3.40 ]
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Firmware Update Information
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Roland DGA Store
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ZS-53DC - Spindle Unit Replacement Instructions
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ZSB-210 - Spindle Belt Replacement Instruction
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HTML - DWX-53DC User's Manual
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User Manual to properly operate and maintain the DWX-53DC
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HTML - VPanel for DWX User's Manual
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DWX-53DC Accessories included with the mill. Includes part numbers for each item. Some items may not be included in all regions.
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HTML - DWX-53DC Setup Guide
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This setup guide will walk users through the installation and setup steps for proper installation of the DWX-53DC
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Four retainers are attached to this machine to protect it from vibration during shipment. After installing this machine, remove all the retainers.
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This machine's documentation comes in paper manuals and electronic-format manuals. Information on installing and using this machine and on its initial settings is included in the electronic-format manuals.
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Dust Proof Cover Installation Instructions
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HTML - DWX-53DC Safety Precautions
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DWX-53DC Safety Precautions
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DWX-53DC Site Survey
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Login to Customer portal for documentation
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Instruction manual Quick Start Guide Repair manual FAQ
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DWX-53DC Unpacking and checking for included accessories
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1 - VPanel Installer / Updater [ 2023-02-22, Ver.V4.2.1 ]
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VPanel for DWX Version Information
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DGSHAPE CLOUD enables comprehensive, mobile management for your milling center. Scroll down to Need A DGSHAPE Account? and Sign Up.
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DWX-53DC Low Profile Nozzle CAM update. Download, extract and run exe as administrator
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MillBox DGSHAPE Edition v8.1.5 is valid for use with 2022 dongles This MAJOR update for 2022 features many new features and improvements. Please see the attached release notes for additional details on the update.
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FOLLOW-ME! – hyperDENT® Information
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This is an installer program for VPanel for DWX-53DC. Double-click setup.exe and follow the instructions as displayed for installation.
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Dust Cover Installation Instructions
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DWX-53DC Unboxing and Installation guide
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[101D-01**] [The % milling bur cannot be released. It might be broken from the root.]
[101E-****][The % milling bur might be broken.]
[101F-****][The % milling bur chucking has slipped out.]
[1020-****][The % milling bur is too long.]
[1021-****][The % milling bur is too short.]
[1022-****][The % milling bur was not found.]
[1023-0000] to [1028-0000] [Milling data error. ]
[1029-0000][The spindle experienced an overload.]
[102A-0000][The spindle experienced an overload.]
[102B-0000][The spindle motor temperature is too high.]
[102D-0000][The spindle can not be turned.]
[102E-0000][A moving part has collided with other components. ]
[102E-0001][The changer has collided with the adapter.]
[1030-0000][The dust collector is not working.]
[1030-0001][The dust collector filter needs to be replaced.]
Checking the Included Items
Checks before Installation
Collet Maintenance Information
Compressed Air Supply Source
1000-****The % limit switch was not found
DWX-53DC - 1006-02**The % axis position has been shifted
DWX-53DC - 1017-0001The milling area cover, tool area cover, or adapter cover was opened
DWX-53DC - 101C-0000The milling bur sensor was not found
DWX-53DC - 101D-00**The % milling bur cannot be released
DWX-53DC - Dust-proof Cover Information
This terminal is for connecting a dust collector with a built-in linking function.
DWX-53DC - Firmware Installation
DWX-53DC - Firmware Installation
DWX-53DC - Installing the Software
DWX-53DC - Part Names and Functions
DWX-53DC - Static build up inside the mill, how to clean help minimize and keep your device clean
DWX-53DC - Torque screwdriver
[1030-0000][The dust collector is not working.]
DWX-53DC Unpacking and checking for included accessories
[102E-0000][A moving part has collided with other components. ]
[102E-0001][The changer has collided with the adapter.]
[1038-0000][Milling data error. No milling bur is selected.]
[103B-0000][The automatic correction is not yet finished.]
[103D-0000][Milling data error. The milling bur cannot reach the milling position.]
DGSHAPE CLOUD enables comprehensive, mobile management for your milling center. Using its suite of world class applications, you can remotely monitor and support your CAD/CAM milling devices, compare periodized production data, and oversee your milling center.
What Is VPanel?
ZBH-52D - Milling bur holder