How Roland DGA Employees are Coping with the Quarantine
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How Roland Employees are Coping with the Quarantine

How Roland DGA Employees are Coping with the Quarantine

Like many of you, Roland DG employees have had to adjust to life at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Working from home, practicing social distancing, finding unique ways to keep their kids occupied, or maybe just trying to keep busy while quarantining alone.

We reached out to some of our employees to find out what’s helping them get through this quarantine. You may relate to many of these issues and use some of the ideas outlined below in your daily routine.



Michelle, Roland DGA Marketing Coordinator

Michelle is quarantined with her boyfriend in their new home. Both of them are working from home. Here’s what Michelle says has helped her get through this:

Trying out new recipes.

During this quarantine, cooking a new meal every night has helped me to relax. Normally, my workdays were filled with a long commute and social events that by the time I got home it would be too late to cook anything from scratch. During the quarantine I have used up my free time to try out new recipes from bloggers that I follow or that have been pinned on my favorite Pinterest board.



Nicole DelPrato, Roland DGA Campaigns & Events Marketing Manager

Nicole preferred living alone before the quarantine. However, she’s found it a little more challenging during this long-period of self-isolation. She told us that the following has helped her cope:

Fostering a pet.

I’ve been wanting to adopt a dog for quite some time, but with my constant travel schedule I’ve not been able to find the right time. So I reached out to a local shelter that was fostering dogs during the pandemic to see if I could help. I’m now fostering Charlie, an adorable Pomeranian.  He gives me so much love and constant affection, while also getting me out everyday for a much-needed walk for both of us.”




Marc Malkin, Roland DGA PR Manager

Father of two teenagers (one in high school, one in college), Marc is currently quarantined at home with his wife and children. Spending so much time with his loved ones has reminded him to do the following:

Enjoy the simple things with your family.

For the last couple of years, my days were filled with taking my kids from a friend’s house, to sporting events and feeling like there was a school dance every other weekend. Now, with all of us at home and nowhere to go we have been able to slow down and enjoy each other’s company. During the day, my kids are doing online schoolwork as my wife and I are working from home, but in the evenings, we have been making an effort to hang out. We will grill in our backyard or play a board game. You don’t get many chances like this in life, so seize the moment!”



Ben Fellowes, Roland DGA Senior Copywriter, Content Producer

Ben has a tight, little family group that consists of his wife and teenage daughter. Although he loves his girls, it’s not always easy to be in each other’s company for so much of the day. Fortunately, he’s found a blessed relief in creative pursuits and encourages people to do the same:

Learn a new skill.

I think in times like these, everyone needs to fill their excess of spare time with something new and challenging, like a new art or craft skill. Personally, I’ve started to play around with the Adobe Fresco app and make some cool art with my Apple Pencil and iPad to keep my skills sharp.


In these challenging times, it’s important to keep yourself physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. For those who are looking to keep their mind focused and occupied, we can recommend our Roland DG webinar archive that offers a wealth of practical info about our new applications, building your business, and machine and software tips to further your print knowledge.




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