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With Roland Video Contest

With Roland DG Videos #2 – Roland DG Machines In-Action

Our With Roland DG video contest generated a great response from Roland DGA customers who allowed us into their businesses and lives to share how Roland DG machines have helped them grow and succeed. The contest is now over and the winner of a brand new Roland DG has been chosen, but we loved watching all the video entries, so we’d like to share some of them here. In the second of our series of videos that celebrate our With Roland DG entrants and the amazing work they do, here is a sample of the videos that show Roland DGA customers in-action.

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WithRoland video contest

The WithRoland DG Video Contest

See some of the videos that are making us smile, laugh and cry and enter your own. Who knew that Roland DG print devices could help you fall in love, feed some fish, or get you out of a snowstorm? With less than two weeks to go in our WithRoland DG video contest, we’re calling for Roland DG users to share their video story to win a Roland DG product of their choice and we’re already discovering so much about our customers and how they use Roland DG technology. Here are just a few entries that we’d like to share with you in hope that you too will be inspired to put your WithRoland DG story on film:

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