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VersaWorks 6.13.1 Update

by Scott Burgess, Roland DGA Imagination Center Manager - East Coast

Roland DG VersaWorks has been updated to version 6.13.1 and, along with support for our new TrueVIS VG3 printer/cutters, it also includes the following new features:

  1. Printer Search – Now you can add new printers to your VersaWorks by searching your network for available devices. Just add a new printer as you normally would, then click on the “Search for Printers” button. VersaWorks will give you a list of all available printers on your network. Click on the printer you want to add.
  2. Media Length
  3. Perforated sheet cutting for VG3 – Select “Sheet Cut After Print” in the Printer Options window and the drop-down menu now gives you the option to perform a perforated sheet cut.
  4. ZIP Compressed file compatibility – Import new media configurations (RML files) from our profile center without having to unzip.
  5. Variation Printing – VersaWorks now supports variation printing that allows you to compare output color and quality on your image file. Choose to print your image in a variety of different quality settings, color management settings, and color adjustment settings!
  6. Media Length
  7. Nearest Color Finder – Print a swatch color selector based on a spot color and select the best swatch for that color. Then add it to the Nearest Color Finder Library for future use.
  8. Media Length

Scott Burgess

Scott Burgess, as well as being the Roland DGA Imagination Center Manager / Application Engineer, is incredibly knowledgeable about everything to do with Roland DGA and the print industry; the machines, software, production methods, applications and true potential of Roland DG technology. He can currently be seen on our Facebook Live channel, interviewing Roland DGA customers and other print experts.