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700x400 Dummy

Special Colors are Special

This Quick Tip outlines some simple steps end users can take within VersaWorks’ Spot Color Settings to “remap” any spot color to a special color that’s recognizable to the software. Share this useful information with your customers and help them save considerable time and effort.

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Seven Points to Perfect Printing

I hate struggling with output. It is hard enough in this economy just keeping ourselves above water. Often we are working in more streamlined environments and wearing many hats in order to stay profitable. The last thing we need to do is struggle with our sign making equipment to make a decent sign or banner. Wouldn’t it be great to get consistent, predictable and high quality output from our large format printers each and every time we hit the print button? Well, the following points are designed to help you achieve and maintain a job quality that will make you the envy of your competitors. These points are primarily designed for use with Roland DG printers, but can be used for many different printers.

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