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A-to-Z of Printing: “R” is for “Ready-Made Blanks”— See Some Profitable New Customization Ideas

Over the last five-years, the amount of “ready-made blanks” available for graphics personalization has exploded. There’s now an abundance of companies supplying a wide variety of bulk products for UV printing, dye-sublimation production, heat transfer printing, laser engraving, and many more forms of graphics customization. No longer limited to phone cases, mugs, and keychains, you can now discover hundreds of new possibilities on the internet, finding unique blank products for your Roland DG devices to amaze and delight customers.     
The following examples of ready-made blanks have been turned into high-value custom products and represent just some of the exciting, new blank products we’ve seen our customers personalize with the latest Roland DG technology.  


Slate Coasters

uv printed slate coasters

Print directly onto slate coasters with our latest VersaUV LEF2-200 or LEF2-300 flatbed printers.

If you’re looking for a fashionable alternative to wooden and card coasters, these slate coaster blanks for bar, restaurant, home décor and giftware applications make coaster printing fresh and original again. 
Product Cost
Purchase in bulk for around 49¢ each and $42.00 for a set of 40. 
Suggested Selling Price of Customized Item
$4.00 for each coaster.

Fancy Tote Bags

tote bag customization

You can add a touch of class to company branding with fancy tote bag printing on the VersaSTUDIO BT-12 direct-to-garment printer.

With reusable shopping bags being such a part of our lives nowadays, tote bags are always a popular choice in product customization. You now have the option of personalizing more up-market versions of the tote bag with a choice of leather handled bag blanks. Using the new BT-12 direct-to-garment printer, you can put your logos, designs and messages on them in minutes.
Product Cost
Purchase in bulk for around $1.20 a piece and $50.00 for 10 bags 
Suggested Selling Price of Customized Item
$15.00 for each bag.

Wooden Cutting Board

laser engraved wooden board

A bamboo cheese board— use our new LV-290 or LV-180 laser engraver machines to add value with designs and branding.

A customized wooden cutting board is a desirable item for everyone from restaurant owners, to chefs, to cooking enthusiasts, or simply as a stylish home décor item. With our new LV-290 or LV-180 laser engraver machines, you can engrave stunning designs into them to give them new meaning and value.  
Product Cost
Purchase in bulk for around $2.00 a piece and $195.00 for 25 boards. 
Suggested Selling Price of Customized Item
$25.00 for each board

Shatterproof Stemless Wine Glasses

stemless wine glass printing

Use our VersaUV LEF flatbed printers with RotaPrint attachment to print with ease onto fashionable stemless wine glasses to create chic custom products  

Shatterproof drinkware is the ideal product for big events where glasses can be easily knocked over and broken. These stemless wine glasses are an easy and inexpensive item to customize as gifts, souvenirs, and party favors. Available in clear, translucent colors, or flat colors, you can directly print names, monograms, logos, and more onto them with VersaUV technology. 
Product Cost
Purchase in bulk for around 80¢ a piece and $210.00 for 100 glasses. 
Suggested Selling Price of Customized item
$5.00 for each glass.


Wooden Postcards

uv printed wooden postcard . blanks

Print directly onto wooden postcards with our VersaUV flatbed printers.

Maybe the most fun and easily profitable item on this list, wooden postcards are becoming increasingly common in souvenir shops, galleries, museums, and gift stores around the globe. A really easy surface to add your art, design, and messages onto with VersaUV flatbed technology, they are so much cooler than traditional postcards.
Product Cost
Average cost is around 40¢ for laser-cut 4x6 plywood blanks 
(alternately, purchase full sheets of plywood for $14.00 and cut your own blanks.) 
Suggested Selling Price of Customized item
$5.00 for each postcard.


  • With so many new Roland DG  machines on the market and so many ready-made blank products available for you to personalize, it’s easier than ever to find new avenues of profit and success. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to add new applications to your existing product offerings, you can build a successful graphics customization business with Roland DG. To find out more about customization and printing on blank products, download our free specialty graphics guide with links and information about blank products. 
Ben Fellowes

Ben Fellowes

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