VersaUV LEF Printers

VersaUV LEF Series

Personalize a huge range of product blanks, giftware and other items with the VersaUV LEF flatbed printer series. Print full-color graphics directly onto virtually any media up to 3.94” in height and add White ink, Gloss ink and stylish Gloss ink embossed finishes for maximum impact. From the LEF-300 that was made for high-volume graphics customization, to the LEF-12i that quickly and easily personalizes souvenirs and accessories, there's an LEF built exactly for your business needs.

LEF2-200 VersaUV Printer - New

VersaUV LEF2-200 Benchtop Flatbed UV Printer

On demand customization of a wide variety of products and substrates

  • Ideal for on-demand print customization of one or multiple items
  • Print directly on materials up to 3.94-inches thick, including leather and fabric, ceramics, canvas art, etc.
  • Easy positioning fixture, start timer function, head refresher and other new features to streamline your print process
  • ECO-UV ink in CMYK plus Gloss and White for unique finishes and ink effects

VersaUV LEF-300 Benchtop UV Flatbed Printer

Expansive product customization with a bigger and more productive flatbed

  • Higher quantity LEF customization of small items or one-off larger items
  • Print directly on materials up to 3.94" thick and 30" x 13" wide, including tabletops, awards, electronics, etc.
  • ECO-UV inks in CMYK, White and Gloss
  • Speed up production with dedicated print heads for White and Gloss ink
VersaUV LEF-12i Benchtop Printer

VersaUV LEF-12i Desktop UV Flatbed Printer

Profitable UV printing starts here

  • Compact machines for quick personalization of specialty items
  • Print directly on materials up to 3.94” thick and 12” x 13” wide, including golf balls, keyrings, smart phone covers, etc.
  • Customize hundreds of objects and open new revenue streams
  • ECO-UV ink in CMYK plus Gloss and White for unique effects

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