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Roland DGA Holiday Customization

'Twas the Personalization Before Christmas

‘Twas a Saturday in December when all through DGA
Not a creature was printing, not even Jay.
The blanks were all ordered and the heat press was on,
All to make ready for a print marathon.
Lily was queuing up files for the XT,
And Kevin prepped for an LEF printing spree.

Then through the front doors the employee families came,
In a flurry of excitement to make something great.
There was Lisa and Angela and Dede and Jack,
And many more employees in a big holiday pack.


Jack Sabey at Roland DG Holiday Workshop

Young Jack Sabey getting to grips with Chromaluxe panels and dye-sublimation at the holiday workshop.

Lisa Aguirre Roland DGA

Product Manager, Lisa Aguirre, shows-off her super-cute custom vintage coasters.

Marilu Lopez   Roland DGA

Marilu Lopez created these one-of-a-kind coasters using her favorite family photos.


They printed and pressed and created their treasures,
Personalizing notepads in multiple measures.
They put favorite family pictures on Chromaluxe,
While snacking on donuts and drinking Starbucks.


Valerie Higgins roland dga

Valarie Martinez presents her custom holiday ornaments that she dye-sublimated using some of her favorite photos.

Custom printed photo canvas

Employees got to create some magical gifts— a selection of photos on canvas and custom notebooks printed on the VersaUV LEF2-300 flatbed printer.


The Roland DG elves were all run-off-their-feet,
Creating personalized items that were fit for the tree.
Using direct-to-garment, dye-sub and VersaUV,
And even decorating guitar picks with the LD.


angela_bernal_Roland DG_dga

Angela Bernal having fun customizing a tote bag on the BT-12 direct-to-garment printer— creating the perfect holiday shopping bag.


Ben Fellowes customized guitar picks with metallized gold on the LD-80 laser decorator as a gift for his musical nephew.


From coasters to posters and everything else,
With Roland DG customization they added value and wealth.
Then when it was over they all drove out of sight,
And wished all a happy holiday and to everyone, a good night.


Ben Fellowes

Ben Fellowes

Ben Fellowes is Sr. Copywriter and marketing expert at Roland DGA. He's designed and produced content for some of the world’s top agencies and marketing companies. He's currently working (and getting his fair English skin burned) in Southern California! He loves art, punk rock, horror films, comic books, real beer, cooking, and eating too much!