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New England School District attendees printing and heat pressing

Roland Impresses School District Attendees at Educational Workshop in New England

The Educational Workshop with Technology Educational Concepts event at Roland Imagination Center in Wilmington introduced attendees from New England school districts to the latest Roland technology solutions. The four-hour workshop gave department leads, instructors, and administrative staff a detailed view of Roland’s ready-to-teach digital fabrication solutions.

Garrett Smawley Roland Education Workshop

Showcasing Roland Education Solutions to attendees of the Educational Workshop with Technology Educational Concepts.

The well-attended workshop also offered general discussion about how the technology works, software demonstrations, and a Q/A session regarding various applications. Attendees viewed the different file setups for printing custom journals on the LEF-300, experienced heat transfer graphics production with the TrueVIS printer/cutter, and received instruction on the five-step CAM setup on SRP Player software. Attendees were actively engaged in the conversations about our machines and were excited to see how Roland Education solutions could answer the needs of educators and students.

Education workshop with the VersaUV LEF-300Excited attendees got to see and experience VersaUV LEF-300 printing onto journals.

From brand new users to seasoned Roland customers, attendees came to the workshop to expand their user knowledge, to learn more about Roland Education Solutions, and to see how they can incorporate Roland products into classrooms and education departments. Everyone at the event got hands-on experience of Roland software and left the workshop with a greater understanding of digital fabrication.

New England School District attendees printing and heat pressing

Attendees getting practical, hands-on experience of heat transfer production.

It was good to see such enthusiasm for Roland technology. Some attendees drove four hours to attend the workshop— a great indication of the high importance that many educators put on Roland machines and solutions. It was clear that attendees got a lot out of the workshop.

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