Making Money with Metallic Printing
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Making Money with Metallic Printing

We recently conducted a survey of our users who have “metallic capable” devices from our lineup, and we found some amazing nuggets I’d like to share. The survey was sent to 500+ users, with a 29% response rate, enough that the results are statistically significant.

For starters, 61% of those units are set up to run our metallic Eco Sol Max inks.

61% of those units are set up to run our metallic inks

Labels & decals topped the application list, as we would have expected for two reasons. One, it takes advantage of print & cut capabilities of our devices, which our users know how to do better than anyone. Two, that decals are typically smaller and would be viewed at closer range – where you’d really be able to see the metallic effect. I also find it interesting to see that photographic & canvas prints made the cut, telling me that our users venture out into some profitable applications vs. traditional sign/screen core applications.

Top Applications for metallic ink

What was really amazing was that 81% of these customers charge more for these jobs (Or is it amazing that 16% don’t?) Almost 50% of them charge a premium of 21% or more for every print!

Can you charge more? 81% do.

Need more evidence that award-winning metallic ink (product of the year in 2009) is a moneymaker? Here’s a post from Signs101 (membership required). I like that the user hits on two key issues, pricing and how he manages the workflow. For example, print speed wasn’t an issue since he set up to operate metallic jobs overnight.

If you’re interested in learning more, we have a barrel of resources on our website:

If you’re not considering metallic printing to increase your profitability (& differentiation), then maybe you should. But I’m biased, I always see a silver lining.

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Rick Scrimger

Rick Scrimger

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