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How to Select the Best Background Color for DTF Printing

With the many possibilities of DTF, it’s really tempting to print white ink behind your image and get it ready to powder and cure as fast as possible (so you can get it heat pressed and into your store quickly). Before doing so, however, be sure to think about your background usage, as flooding white behind everything might not be the best solution.

Remember, your background isn’t limited to just white, like in traditional media such as drawing or painting, so use that to your advantage to achieve the best look and maximum impact!


Take the above for example. The rear view has 100% coverage of white and powder that yields the regular result. If you notice, they are on a dark shirt. By changing the artwork, you can have the color of the background show through, as shown below:


As you can see, with just a few changes, the artwork looks very different as it’s letting your background do half of the work for you.

Here are the two images side-by-side:

image_03 image_04

So, be sure to consider your background color and application when setting up your artwork. By letting the background color do half the work for you, your DTF output will really “pop” and come alive.