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Side view of van wrapped with another set of Meals on Wheels graphics

VIVAS Inc. Relies on TrueVIS AP-640 Resin Prints to Ensure Speedy Commercial Fleet Graphics for Meals on Wheels

Before Meals on Wheels, San Francisco could make its important deliveries in its newest fleet of vans, the vans needed to make a quick stop at VIVAS Inc. in San Francisco, Calif., for commercial fleet graphics installation.

We talked with VIVAS Inc. founder Luis Vivas about how he developed his company’s vehicle design services; what considerations went into his design, production, and installation of this important project; and why he believes resin/latex ink is the best choice for fleet graphics work.

Side view of van with Meals on Wheels graphics installed

How did VIVAS Inc. become a specialist in vehicle graphics?

Luis Vivas: We began specializing in vehicle graphics during our 2019 rebranding. We took the time to properly categorize our services, with vehicle branding emerging as one of the most important. While we've been producing vehicle graphics for some time, when we officially branded our vehicle wrap design service, we also began promoting that service to our clients.

Five white vans awaiting fleet wrap installation

What set this project from Meals on Wheels apart?

This project stood out due to its multi-stage process. Typically, clients provide designs, and we prepare files for printing. However, this project presented the additional challenge of designing, creating mock-ups, and color testing, in addition to printing, installing, and reviewing the entire project comprehensively.

Close up of Roland DG TrueVIS AP-640 resin ink printer printing

You have a variety of digital printers available to you. What factors went into your decision to use your TrueVIS AP-640 resin/latex printer?

We chose to utilize our AP-640 resin/latex printer due to its fast drying capability, which is crucial for a project of this scale. Additionally, the ink quality ensures a wide color gamut and vibrant colors throughout the project, with consistent high-quality prints from the first van to the last one. Lastly, the printed colors remain consistent through all aspects of installation, particularly in areas where material stretching is required.

What do you see as the overall benefits of having a resin/latex printer?

The benefits of a resin/latex printer are manifold. Rapid drying is crucial for projects requiring swift and efficient installation. Moreover, ink quality ensures color durability, which is essential for maintaining visual integrity over time.

Printed vinyl panel on a worktable prior to installation on a vehicle.

Do you have any production tips for others who may be interested in providing commercial fleet graphics?

Success in commercial fleet graphics hinges on three core pillars: a skilled and dedicated team, the use of high-quality materials, and reliable and efficient printers. Striking a balance between these elements is essential for delivering outstanding results on every project.

Wrapped van with slightly different Meals on Wheels graphics

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about this project, or fleet graphics work generally?

This project was an exciting challenge for our team, and we're proud of the final outcome. We strongly believe in innovation and adapting to the specific needs of each client. Resin ink printing offers endless possibilities in terms of quality and durability, and we're excited to continue exploring its potential in future fleet graphics projects.

wrapped van shown from rear on city streets

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