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Answering Your Questions about Roland DGA’s Holographic Prism Film with Adhesive (ESM-HOLO)

Since the launch of our new Holographic Prism Film with Adhesive (ESM-HOLO) at the end of 2022, this premium media has become extremely popular for creating specialty decals and labels related to special occasions, announcements, and holidays. Since its introduction, we've received quite a few inquiries about this product, so let's take a look at a few of the more frequently asked questions:

  1. Now that you've launched the TrueVIS AP-640, is ESM-HOLO compatible with resin inks?
    Absolutely! ESM-HOLO is printable with Roland DG's eco-solvent, UV, and resin inks.
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  3. I've noticed that there's a line in the holographic media every 12 inches. Is this a defect?
    What you are seeing is not a defect in the media. This is due to the embossing process during manufacturing for the holographic film; these lines are the resulting shim marks. They appear faintly about every 12 inches across the width of the film.
  4. I am going through my blade often - is this normal?
    Remember, ESM-HOLO is a 6 mil thick media, so it's a good idea to have extra 60° blades on hand. The 60°/0.50 offset premium blade from Japan (SKU# ZEC-U3050) does last longer than the standard blades made in the USA (SKU# USA-C160-3), however, you can still go through a premium blade per roll of film, depending on the number of decals that you're cutting and whether or not you're cutting through the liner. So, order extras of the blade and make sure that you price your job to include the extra blades.
Lily Hunter

Lily Hunter

Lily Hunter is Roland DGA, Senior Product Manager of eCommerce & Supplies, and manages the consumables and machine supplies at the Roland DGA Store as well as being Roland DGA product and industry expert on dye-sublimation and textile printing.