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What’s New: ESM-HOLO

Introducing our new holographic media, the ESM-HOLO: Holographic Prism Film with Adhesive! This eye-catching material is ideal for attention-grabbing stickers and decals, upscale labels and packaging, special announcements, holiday décor, and so much more! Here are some FAQs and recommendations for printing and cutting this new material.

  1. What is ESM-HOLO, and what sizes does it come in?

    ESM-HOLO is a 6 mil prismatic holographic film that has a general-purpose adhesive on it. Sizes are available in 15 in. x 75 ft. and 30 in. x 75 ft.

  2. Can I load 15 inches media on my BN-20/BN-20A printer?

    Absolutely! This also applies to all media narrower than 20 inches that you want to load. Make sure that the edges of the media are aligned with the pinch rollers on both sides. Listed below is a guide for media widths that fall in between the pinch rollers on the BN-20 series printers:

    media width range
  3. Any suggestions on printing and cutting this media?

    First, you can find profiles for ESM-HOLO on our Roland Profile Center. If you do not see a profile created, use Generic Vinyl 1 in VersaWorks RIP software. Select Max Impact in the Color Management dropdown menu.

    Next, in order to really showcase the holographic effects, choose graphics that are color rich and high in contrasts; pastels and images with a lot of open space are not recommended.Simple images are best – shadows and gradients are not necessary.

    Lastly, since it is a thick film, we recommend using the 60° blade. Grams of force will range between 100 – 300. So, perform Cut Test on your printer/cutter to confirm the correct grams of force needed for ESM-HOLO.

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Lily Hunter

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