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5 Types of Stickers You Can Make From Home

Do you find yourself noticing stickers on other people's laptops, water bottles, cars and backpacks? You're not alone. Consumers use stickers to express their interests, and businesses use them to advertise and merchandise their products. Recently, demand for personalized stickers has exploded.

With the right technology, producing high-quality stickers is easy to do from your home or office. Roland DG's professional and affordable VersaSTUDIO devices allow you to begin printing AND cutting quality stickers right out of the box, and can easily handle increased demand as your business grows.

Let's take a closer look at the some of the most popular types of stickers:

1. Logo Stickers

A well-designed logo sticker can become part of a company's fan culture and branding. Think about the market you or your customers are in and the demographics - it's clear that Gen Z loves stickers, and younger generations will proudly sport them on their laptops, phones, cars, drinkware, windows... you name it. Putting a logo on a sticker can be an interesting way to get a brand out there for the world to see, and can create a high level of visibility.

Design tip: Keep it simple with bold, clear graphics. If you're aiming to maximize brand exposure, make sure your sticker is eye-catching, easy to read, and memorable.

2. Character Stickers

For hobbyists and artists, consider bringing characters to life through the art of sticker making. Do you have a favorite doodle of a character you want to share with the world? With a desktop printer/cutter or vinyl cutter, you can easily print and cut your design on vinyl for the world to see - and who knows, it could become a trend! Whether you're designing a character on screen, or on a good old-fashioned sketch pad, you can print and cut as many copies as you'd like to help tell a story through character creation.

Design tip: Design your character to appeal to your target audience, and experiment with color to find your palette. Use exaggeration and silhouette to help make your character memorable.

3. Typography Stickers

Creating a typography sticker is an excellent way to promote a company, a tag line, a sentiment, or to simply elicit a laugh. If you specialize in typography, creating stickers is a great way to start trends and make your mark. Typography stickers are extremely popular on Instagram right now, and you can expand your reach off the screen by placing your designs in car windows, and on phone cases or coffee mugs. You can team up with a designer or create your own typography stickers on Canva or Adobe Illustrator.

Design tip: Use a readable font and test different font weights for the best impact. Play with letter arrangement to provide additional clarity and readability.

4. Emoji Stickers

Did you know that 92 percent of the online population uses emojis daily? According to Pipeline.zoominfo.com, over 10 billion emojis are sent each day, and 70 percent of people believe the images express their feelings better than words. Creating an emoji sticker is guaranteed to get attention, especially if it's unique. Emoji stickers can be used as a part of your business, or just for fun. You can print out popular emojis or design your own...the sky's the limit.

Emoji Sticker

Design tip: Keep it simple - remember that each emoji design should clearly convey a single emotion. Center your designs around a theme that will allow you to create a series of emojis.

5. Holiday Stickers

You can't go wrong with holiday stickers - whether you're creating them for fun, or using them in your business to convey the spirit of the season. If you have a small brick-and-mortar or online retail company, including holiday stickers with purchases is a great incentive for customers to make an initial purchase, or to encourage repeat business. You can create stickers featuring holiday images and messages - there are plenty of holidays (and unofficial holidays) throughout the year to celebrate! Colorful stickers make excellent stocking stuffers and can be applied to gifts or purchases to personalize them as well.

Design tip: Personalize your holiday stickers with text - add names to greet or thank people individually, or incorporate a greeting associated with your brand.

Stick with it

Whether you're looking for a creative outlet, or you want to expand your business, stickers are a great way to go. With today's easy-to-use desktop print/cut devices and vinyl cutters, hobbyists and start-up owners alike will find that producing stickers can be both affordable and profitable.

Try it out and see how your message will reach farther with a boost from sticker production!

Ginny Mumm

Ginny Mumm

Ginny Mumm is a freelance writer based in Southern California. She writes frequently about the print industry and CAD/CAM technology. She enjoys outdoor sports, yoga and walking her oversized puppy.