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history of signs

History of Signs Infographic

Are you in the sign business? Are you a graphic designer who would like to know the visual history of signs and graphics? Maybe you just want to learn some interesting facts about the signs and graphics that surround our lives; where they came from and how it has evolved and endured as an artform? This detailed, visually exciting, and historically engaging infographic is perfect for all designers, history buffs, graphic design students, and sign professionals— providing some fascinating historical highlights from the entire history of signage and taking you on a graphical journey from cavemen to the latest, advanced sign technology.

Check out the infographic below to discover where the barber pole came from, why pub signs were invented, the origins of the billboard and many more signage facts in this timeline of sign creation. You can also DOWNLOAD A HI-RES VERSION of this infographic as a poster print or other info resource.   


history of signs infographic


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Ben Fellowes

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