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A-to-Z of Printing: “Q” is for “Quality Customization”— Fresh Ideas in High-End Product Personalization

In our ongoing A-to-Z series of cool products you can print on, we’ve shared a ton of ideas for printing on generic items like phone cases, golf balls, posters and everything in-between. In our latest A-to-Z post, we’d like to share some fab new ideas that illustrate the high-end specialty pieces that you might consider as exciting new products to add to your application list— unique and original items that graphics customization experts can charge top dollar for. 

New Ideas in Customized Electronics

Smart phone cases, headphones, pop sockets, power banks and other electronic accessories are all great ideas for UV flatbed printer owners who want to build their product offerings. However, with the rise in popularity of new wireless devices like virtual assistants, automated vacuums, portable projectors, smart doorbells, and other products, there is great potential in customizing more expensive electronic items that command high prices. 

 Smart speaker customization
Products like virtual assistant speakers and smart vacuums are excellent product ideas for customizing with the new VersaUV LEF2-200 and other Roland DG UV flatbed technologies.  

Make Handbags and Fashion Accessories More Personal

Adding stylish graphics to fashion accessories produces valuable branded products and one-of custom items. Roland DG UV printers have been used to print graphics onto bucket bags purses clutches, and other items to create fashion-branded products or as expensive personalized gifts. 

 leather handbag customization
Print your fashion brand onto expensive leather bags or create one-of-a-kind leather handbags as unique gift items with Roland DG UV flatbed printers. 

Chef and Bar Tender Personalization 

In the world of mixologists and chefs, kitchen items can be extremely expensive and are often treasured items for both restaurant professionals and keen home cooks. With Roland DG engraving machines that effortlessly engrave onto stainless steel and other heavy metals, you can personalize these sought-after items and make them even more desirable and expensive. 
custom engraved knives 
Personalizing high-end kitchen items like knives and bar tender equipment with the DE-3 engraving machine or LV laser engraver series turns them from expensive gifts into top-dollar items.  

Put Cool Designs on Shoes and Sneakers

With the ability to print on leather, Roland DG flatbed printers present new possibilities in shoe and sneaker personalization. Ideal for prototyping new footwear designs or for providing a unique footwear personalization service, you can explore new avenues of creativity and profit with UV technology.

 shoe customization
Great for adding graphics to shoe prototypes or for personalizing shoes as unique gifts and fashion items, VersaUV flatbed printers enable you to create high-end custom footwear items.

Personalize Sunglasses and Spectacles with Laser Decoration

High-end spectacles and sunglasses can cost hundreds of dollars. You can personalize these items with gold, silver, and colored metal foil graphics, using Roland DG’s LD-80 laser decorator. By adding sophisticated touches of reflective-metal text, logos, and images, you can create expensive-looking products that people will want to wear. 

custom spectacles
Put text, logos and images onto sunglasses and other eyewear with the LD-80 laser decorator that adds reflective metal foil graphics onto items in minutes. 

Roland DG provides a variety of cutting-edge customization and personalization machines for adding graphics to high-end products. Ideal for on demand printing and small run customization, Roland DG provides the most reliable solutions for graphics and customization experts.