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View of Roland DG headquarters entrance with displays of artwork and projects made with Roland DG digital technology.

Roland DG Exhibition Space Opens Showcasing Personalized Printing and Milled Objects

Roland DG's new head office in Hamamatsu, Japan, features an exciting exhibition space, showcasing works created using its products by clients and designers from around the world.

Inspiring imagination in an exhibition space

Developed as “a space that embodies the enjoyment of creation and moves people’s hearts,” the exhibition space introduces creative solutions from Roland DG worldwide.

Replica of Hokusai's "Phoenix Glaring in All Directions" A digitally restored reproduction of Katsushika Hokusai's "Phoenix Glaring in All Directions."


As you enter, the digitally restored reproduction of Katsushika Hokusai’s "Phoenix Glaring in All Directions" at Gansho-in Temple, printed with a Roland DG UV printer, particularly catches the eye. Roland DG collaborated in creating the original-size digital reproduction, a key exhibit from the “Digital x Hokusai” Special Exhibition in 2022 (related article here). With the assistance of Ars Techne and NTT ArtTechnology, Roland DG faithfully reproduced the colors and delicate brushwork pursued by Hokusai in a reduced-size version (3,540×2,950 mm) for our lobby space.

Drawing inspiration from graphic decoration in the world of motorsports, Roland DG has included a strikingly wrapped go-kart in the selection of products on display. Musical instruments enhanced with graphics, such as a Fender electric guitar customized by ArtGuitar, are also shown.


A go cart with vehicle graphics hung vertically on a wall in the Roland DG exhibition space

A go-kart decorated with vibrant, digitally printed graphics.

An electric guitar with colorful graphics hung on a wall in the Roland DG exhibition space.

Fender guitar customized by ArtGuitar.

A large LED screen showcases Roland DG brand messages and interviews from the Hokusai project. Visitors can explore product videos on touch panel displays. Roland DG developed the visual app in-house using a low-code development platform.

A wall with colorful graphics and a go cart with vehicle graphics in the Roland DG headquarters exhibition space

A large LED screen shows videos with product information and interviews from the Hokusai project.


A couch printed with custom graphics in the Roland DG headquarters exhibition space.

Digital printing allows customization of non-traditional materials such as eco-friendly ethical leather.

Near the entrance, you'll find sofas and chairs printed with UV printers on eco-friendly ethical leather from Kyowa Leather Cloth Co., Ltd., a customer Roland DG featured in interviews last year. These items were crafted in collaboration with Public Co., Ltd., a manufacturer and seller of commercial furniture. The furniture is available for visitors to experience the smooth leather texture and see the vibrant prints firsthand.

Experience the diverse potential of UV printing

A display wall in the Roland DG exhibition space showing products made using Roland DG devices.

A corner designed to resemble a storefront exhibits a variety of items customized with UV printers.

The exhibition space also features a simulated retail display showcasing customized items such as headphones from V-MODA (USA) and gin bottles from Wild Distillery (Denmark).

As part of Roland DG's exhibition plan, it conducted an in-house design competition, and the winning designs were printed on suitcases using UV printers by Multicopy Diemen (Netherlands), a company that specializes in personalized printing of custom suitcases. The suitcases were not only displayed but also presented to the winners.

Display showing two V-MODA over-ear headphones with custom-printed shields in the Roland DG headquarters exhibition spaceV-MODA headphone shields can be customized and personalized using UV print.

Display of two custom-printed bottles for Wild Distillery Gin.Wild Distillery's direct-printed gin bottles.

Four suitcases each UV printed with different custom graphicsMulticopy Diemen suitcases printed with winning designs from the design competition.

A display of two custom-printed rectangular boxes at the Roland DG headquarters exhibition space

Tea boxes from China are printed with delicate designs.

A custom printed tote bag displayed at the Roland DG headquarters building's exhibition space

Roland DG's UV printers can print full-color designs on natural materials such as leather.

A custom-printed wallet displayed at the Roland DG headquarters' exhibition space

UV printers offer the ability to print white ink as well as bold, colorful designs.

A group of golfballs printed with the Roland DG logo.

Custom-printed golf balls featuring Roland DG logos.

Also on display are items such as tea boxes featuring delicate designs provided by Roland DG China, as well as leather bags, wallets, and golf balls

all adorned with original designs. Visitors can take home golf balls with Roland DG logos upon request.


Customize your sports gear

A display of custom-printed sporting good equipment including bicycles and helmets.

Padel paddle by Shooter Padel (left), helmet by SColors (center), snowboard wear by Burton Snowboards (right).

Customization and personalization of various types of sports items has become extremely popular within the sporting goods industry. The exhibition space includes various examples of such products, all customized using Roland DG digital technology.

SColors (Spain), featured earlier this year, customizes bicycles using Roland DG's desktop-sized digital tools. They provided a special bicycle and matching helmet showcasing their comprehensive customization techniques. Additionally, the display features original skateboards designed by a professional female skateboarder which were presented at the TrueVIS Range Premiere (Barcelona) in January.

Shooter Padel (Spain) provided customized paddles for pickleball, a popular sport that combines elements of tennis and squash. Stylish snowboard wear from Burton Snowboards (USA) is also exhibited.

Introducing DGSHAPE’s latest solutions

A display of DGSHAPE products including milled objects and dental restorations

A display showcases projects created with DGSHAPE dental and 3D fabrication technology.

Works created using milling machines for the dental and 3D fabrication industries from Roland DG subsidiary DGSHAPE are displayed as well. Also shown are works from 224porcelain, an innovative brand of Hizen Yoshida pottery that was featured by Roland DG last year. Additionally, visitors can see samples of materials that can be milled using dental milling machines and the latest solutions for milling dentures.

Display of custom milled display objects

“Fist of the North Star” motif sake bottle by 224porcelain

A custom tea pot and chop stick rests

Popular teapot and chopstick rest by 224porcelain

Roland DG plans to add even more captivating artwork from around the world in the future. Visitors to the new Roland DG head office are welcome to tour the exhibition space and enjoy the fusion of artistry and digital technology.*

Wide view of the entrance to Roland DG's exhibition space. 

* Roland DG's exhibition space is intended for corporate clients and is not open to the general public. They appreciate your understanding.

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