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Provide Time-Saving Short Cuts in VersaWorks

Have you ever wondered why there are certain characters (in parenthesis) within VersaWorks? Inside VersaWorks, there are ( ) symbols that can be used as “quick keys” or short cuts to certain options. My co-worker, Garrett Smawley, introduced me to this and I love it. Let’s check out some really cool short cuts in VersaWorks that will save you time and effort.

Step 1:

Highlight a JOB

image 01

Step 2:

Right Click on that JOB

image 02

Now, you have two options,

Right Click on that JOB

  1. To scroll down to the Settings tab.
  2. or
  3. To tap the letter “S” on your keyboard and the Settings will automatically pop open.

Right-clicking in a given print queue will open a window with options and a corresponding window. Right click + any one of those letters will send that option.

Garrett’s favorite is to Right Click + P to quickly send the print job. (P)

Since learning about this convenient Quick Keys feature, it has become one of my favorites. While it’s not a newly added feature, but it’s certainly a useful one. Now, I find myself using it frequently. There is also another form of the short cuts that exists within VersaWorks: When you are in VersaWorks and you do NOT have a JOB highlighted, you can use the ALT tab + ( ) and the option desired will open up in the new window.

Let me illustrate the possibilities:

ALT + M will open the Media TAB

image 03

Now without doing anything else, Click on the W Key on your keyboard and the Media Explorer will open immediately

Click ALT (F), then immediately hit Enter and Enter.

Here’s another fan favorite:

Again…[ALT (F) + Enter + Enter]…Queue A automatically opens up and allows for a new job to be loaded.

So, whether you need to Rename a JOB [Highlight JOB + Right Click (E)], or simply open a job quickly, there are some really useful “short cuts” that are available in VersaWorks. I hope you get a chance to explore these options.

Make a great day, and for now: ALT (F) + X

image 04
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Jay Roberts

Jay Roberts is Roland DGA’s UV print specialist. A foremost expert in print, color optimization and UV print methods, he educates dealers, Roland DGA's users, and custom graphic providers about VersaUV printers and products and leads workshops on digital printing and creative art.