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Quick Cleaning Tips for Your Roland DG Printer

by Roland DGA Product Manager of Digital Printing, Daniel Valade

Work hard and play hard. We are all busy day in and day out. Sometimes you just must take a break and get away from all the hustle and bustle of daily life. We all deserve a vacation every now and then. When this time comes it is important to take a few simple steps to make sure your printer is in top shape when you come back to the shop. Here are some tips to help avoid any down time due to maintenance issues.

Regular manual cleaning

The biggest fear of many printer operators is that components will clog if left idle for a long period, leading to lengthy cleaning processes and potential damage to the system. Heads and cap tops can foul, potentially causing the nozzle heads to clog or deflect, or ink accumulating in the head can get messy droplets of ink on your print material. To avoid these issues, make sure you manually clean your Roland DG equipment – inside and out – at regular intervals, and particularly ahead of a shutdown.

Enabling automatic cleaning

Luckily, a lot of your pre-break to-do list is covered by the clever automatic cleaning systems fitted in Roland DG printing and plotting equipment, which work when you don't. Before you head out for long weekend (or even just overnight) remember to turn the machine off at the front panel but leave the primary power source switch on at the back. This will enable the automatic maintenance system to do its stuff— keeping the device spick and span for when you get back to the print room.

Cover Up

Keeping your printer covered up during shut down periods can help ensure that dust and debris don’t have a chance to settle and build up on the platen or any of the other vital parts of the printer since you will not be in the shop to keep the printer clean.


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