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Roland DGA at ISA 2018 – Color, Crowds and Customization

Attendance at ISA topped out at 20,387—making it the largest ISA Sign Expo in Orlando and one of the largest in ISA history. The tradeshow floor was the largest-ever footprint for an ISA event at 221,000 square feet and had a total of 600 exhibitors in attendance.  According to Roland DG representatives, the aisles were constantly filled with attendees who were excited to see the latest sign and graphics technology.
“I’ve been going to tradeshows in Orlando for eight years and this was the most packed, the most energetic and the most exciting show we’ve been to in Florida.”
Jay Roberts, Roland DGA Product Manager, UV Printers 
Roland DGA at ISA Florida 2018
The Roland DG booth with its bright and inviting graphics and interactive exhibits was constantly busy with attendees clamoring to see Roland DG customization solutions— Roland DGA Product Manager for UV Printers, Jay Roberts, shows-off a supercool fiberboard printed panel.
Roland DG Dares to Be Different at ISA
Crowds flocked to the Roland DG booth and it was very clear that people had done extensive research and came to seek out specific Roland DG devices. During the show, the booth was busy with both attendees and Roland DG dealers, with dealers taking advantage of the special show offers and taking the opportunity to talk to customers about Roland DG technology. 
Nicole DelPrato, Roland DGA's Campaign and Events Manager explained how everything came together perfectly for the show. "The booth graphics, machines, demonstrations, and exhibits all combined to deliver a fresh, exciting and cohesive message that presented Roland DGA as a provider of cutting-edge customization solutions." After spending time at the Roland DG booth, ISA attendees left the booth feeling creatively inspired and impressed with the technology that Roland DG is now offering.
Roland DGA TrueVIS color at ISA 2018
The Roland DG booth was all about color and customization with brands like TrueVIS, VersaUV and Texart bringing a lot of energy and excitement to the show.


Roland DGA Vinyl floor graphics
Roland DG innovation was also illustrated in the bold, crowd-pleasing floor graphic that was inkjet printed onto 3M™ film and overlaminated onto the aisle outside the Roland DG booth. 
The message for ISA Orlando 2018 was “Dare to be Different” and Roland DG certainly “got graphic” in its unique showcasing of its different customization brands. While fluorescent colored products and apparel highlighted the Texart brand, showing radical customization with dye-sublimation technology, attendees were particularly impressed with the “Feel the Color” VersaUV exhibit that allowed attendees to see and touch flatbed printed items— they couldn't keep their hands off the customized objects and graphics. 


Texart dye-sublimation at ISA 2018


Uv printed textures VersaUV exhibit

From the bright neon color that attracted people to our Texart exhibit to the color and three-dimensional experience of textured prints that brought people to the VersaUV exhibit, the idea of product customization was a major focus of people at the show.
Bonny Lhotka VersaUV printed art
Part of the VersaUV exhibit included Bonny Lhotka’s inspirational and innovative slump molding production techniques that use VersaUV LEF technology in the process of making fine art.
Exciting New Roland DG Personalization Technology
There was a very positive response to the new DGSHAPE LD-80 Laser Decorator machine that was revealed at ISA 2018. Show attendees were genuinely impressed with the machine and the many possibilities in product customization that it presents. Nicole DelPrato, Roland DGA's Campaign and Events Manager described the impact of the new machine and the rest of the booth innovations.
“The guests I spoke to at the show were very complimentary about everything we are doing at Roland DG; our booth graphics, demonstrations, and our positive company attitude that’s willing to try new things and offer technology that our competitors in the business just don’t do— today’s sign and graphics providers seem to be looking for machines like the LD-80 to differentiate their output and give them a competitive advantage. ”
Nicole DelPrato, Roland DGA's Campaign and Events Manager


LD-80 Roland DG personalization machine
Attendees got their first look at the new DGSHAPE LD-80 that personalizes plastic items and other products with metallized foil to create unique, high-end products.
Show-Stopping Vehicle Wrap Demonstrations from Digital EFX
Wrap experts, Matt Richart and Dallas Fowler from Digital EFX did not disappoint at ISA with their daily Born to Wrap vehicle wrap demonstrations— adding ultra-modern patterned designs to an Alfa Romeo 4C sports coupe. Each of the eight Born-to-Wrap demonstrations were packed with attendees as Matt and Dallas showcased some new wrap techniques in which they created a super-stylish “textured look” by overlapping different films on the hood of the fierce-looking car. 

Roland DGA and Digital EFX at ISA 2018


Car wrap demonstrations by Digital EFX and Roland DGA


Textured hood wrap design

Born-to-Wrap Workshops at the show with Matt and Dallas sharing cutting-edge new wrap techniques, including a “textured effect” on the vehicle hood.
Finding New Ways to Interact at ISA
Other highlights of the Roland DG booth included a new way of interacting with attendees at the show via private meetings with Roland DG sales professionals. These pre-booked meetings in which attendees could talk one-to-one with Roland DG professionals were an incredibly successful new booth feature that saw a steady steam of attendees discover the perfect Roland DG solution.
At this year’s ISA, the Roland DG booth was all about providing a more interactive experience. From innovative new products and inspirational applications to in-booth demonstrations and displays, Roland DG brought a fresh new take on the tradeshow experience to differentiate itself from other exhibitors— reflecting the unique products that Roland DG provides with its innovative customization machine lineup. Judging by the incredibly positive attendee reaction and feedback, these Roland DG products are inspiring sign and graphics providers and allowing them to also differentiate themselves in the industry.
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