Black & Yellow: Why These Pinch Rollers Shouldn’t Be Mixed
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Black & Yellow: Why These Pinch Rollers Shouldn’t Be Mixed

Pinch rollers are a key component in Roland DG printers, printer/cutters and cutters. We’ve had two different colored pinch roll wheels in our lineup for a while now and it’s important to recognize that the different colors have very different purposes.

  • The yellow wheels, which used to come standard on ALL of our devices, are designed for print/cut achines and slower contour cutting speeds. Made of a slightly denser rubber, these wheels help with feed accuracy.
  • Best for: Print Only, Print/Cut and Slow Contour Cutting
  • The black wheels are softer and designed to ensure a more secure grip for better tracking. That’s why they come on all GX cutters out of the box.
  • Best for: High Speed Contour Cutting

If you do a lot of high-speed contour cutting, the black wheels might suit your printer/cutter best as they provide better tracking. On the other hand, if you do print only or if you use a lot of paper and banner, the black wheels are not the best choice.

If it seems that the yellow and black wheels can be mixed and matched, think of them instead like tires for your car. Softer tires allow for a better feel and grip on the road, while harder tires have their specific advantages for certain road conditions.

Just remember: NEVER mix the black with the yellow! Consistency is the key.

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