Beta Industria Grafica

Beta Industria Grafica Specializes in Vehicle Wraps for Emergency Vehicles

Beta Industria Grafica   |   San Francisco, Cordoba, Argentina

Fernando Pablo Magnano, founder and owner of Beta Industria Grafica (now Plotear SRL.), started his company in San Francisco, Cordoba, in Argentina, in a small office with only a Roland DG plotter and two computers. Today, his graphic printing facility occupies more than 6,400 square feet and comprises a customer service and sales area, design offices, media storage and printing, cutting, lacquering and image lamination rooms.

Wraps Specialists 

The facility also has a large vehicle wrapping area with four fully equipped workstations, where 1,400 vehicle wraps are installed each year. The shop currently produces three partial wraps per hour and four complete vehicle wraps per day.  

“We are confident that with our Roland DG equipment, we will continue to achieve our goals.”

The company specializes in wraps for for ambulances, patrol cars, and other specialized government and private sector vehicles.  Government clients include the National Health Ministry and the Health and Safety Ministry of Argentina, while private sector customers include R y O Valle, Vulcano, Swiss Medical, ECCO, Urgensias 435111, Vital, and Sachs, among others.

Roland DG Reliability

Magnano chose Roland DG equipment for his first device and has stayed with the brand ever since.  The reasons include legendary Roland DG quality and reliability, the ease of use and low maintenance requirements, and the excellent service and support from Roland DGA and its dealer Plotterservice S.R.L.

Beta Industria Grafica first acquired a Roland DG VersaCAMM VP-540 large-format printer/cutter, followed by a VersaEXPRESS RF-640 printer, then another VP-540 and a second RF-640. To keep up with the latest technological advances, the company continuously updates its devices, purchasing more than 10 printers over the last 12 years.

Currently Beta Industria Grafica has three VersaEXPRESS RF-640 printers, one TrueVIS VG-640 printer/cutter and one CAMM-1 GR-640 large-format cutter.

“Today the marketplace is very competitive. We differentiate ourselves with our experience, quality control and production capability, all of which enables us to successfully meet deadlines. We are confident that with our Roland DG equipment, we will continue to achieve our goals,” said Magnano.