Metallic Ink Printing Solutions

Explore the Possibilities of Metallic Color

The Roland Metallic Color library includes over 512 metallic combinations for endless color customization. Choose from Blended and Layered print modes to optimize images with metallic color. Blended mode prints CMYKLcLm and Metallic Silver ink together for more natural metallic colors. Layered mode prints Metallic Silver first, followed by CMYKLcLm in one pass, adding richness to metallic color effects.

Another powerful feature of metallic inkjet printing is the ability to create metallic color gradations. Quickly and easily enhance effects and add to the creativity of your designs.

In addition, Roland's Metallic Texture System Library allows you to easily apply dozens of unique patterns and textures to metallic colors for added impact. Simply select a texture or pattern from the Roland swatch library in Adobe® Illustrator® and apply it to your graphic.