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Metallic Ink Printing

Let Your Graphics Shine with Metallic Ink Printing Solutions

Add the luxury and brilliance of gold, silver, bronze and pearlescent colors to your graphics with Eco-Sol MAX metallic ink printing solutions. Developed for selected Roland DG inkjet printers and printer/cutters, metallic inks give signs, labels, decals, displays, vehicle wraps and even decorated apparel an upscale and sophisticated appearance.

Profitable Metallic Ink Applications

Metallic ink is a popular graphic addition that clients often request, especially after seeing it in print. Sign and graphics providers charge an average of 30% more for premium metallic ink graphics. Metallic ink is particularly effective for the following applications:

eco-sol max metallic silver cartridge
eco-sol max metallic silver cartridge

Award Winning Metallic Ink

Metallic Silver Eco-Sol MAX ink is GREENGUARD certified to meet strict environmental standards. Virtually odorless, it requires no special ventilation or environmental equipment. It has also been recognized with several industry innovation accolades that include DPI Product of the Year, EDP Award for Best Alternative Ink Technology and Viscom Best of 2010 award.
metallic ink swatches
metallic ink swatches

Download Metallic Swatches

Download the free, metallic swatch library and add them to your preset swatch folder (i.e., Program Files > Adobe > Adobe Illustrator > Preset > Swatch). Then simply assign metallic colors in your design to create stunning output on a Roland DG inkjet printer with metallic ink.



Metallic Ink Case Stories

Velotaxi vehicle wrap

Velotaxi: Unique Wraps for a Unique Vehicle

The "Velotaxi" is a pedicab-type vehicle. Japan's ancient capital, Kyoto, has become the stage for a new collaboration between metallic ink and this unique mode of transport. The Velotaxi's body is wrapped with the advertising message of sponsors who support the concept, turning it into a moving advertisement and frequent target of tourist's cameras. The urushi design theme –similar to Japanese lacquer ware features a glossy dark red body decorated with family crest and obi designs. Gold ink running diagonally along the line of the obi catches the sun's light.
Velotaxi vehicle wrap
GODTAIL Designer and movie director
GODTAIL Designer and movie director

GODTAIL: Designer and Movie Director

Designer and movie director, GODTAIL uses Roland DG metallic ink printing to create impactful posters and movie graphics. In GODTAIL’s own words: "One advantage of metallic printing I enjoy is in using it for finely detailed accents, and not just for large metallic fields. It also allows me to use color combinations that are impossible with normal color specifications. I can create stunning effects and express myself in new and unexpected ways."

Roland DG Printers with Metallic Ink Options