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The Proof is in Your Hand

Until recently, producing realistic package prototypes was a very expensive proposition requiring either using specialized proofing equipment, or stopping the press to run samples. New Roland technologies are simplifying this process, making it easier, less expensive and more efficient than ever to create effective package prototypes that match the final product.

For packaging prototypes, Roland offers a complete line of inkjet printer/cutters, including new UV-LED and metallic eco-solvent models. All come with VersaWorks RIP software, which includes color management tools, variable data printing and other advanced features to automate production and ensure quality results. Roland printer/cutters take a design entirely through the printing and finishing stages, including die-cutting, all on one device.

Packaging Prototypes

Roland offers four inkjet lines ideal for the production of packaging prototypes: the VersaUV series of UV-LED inkjet printer/cutters, and three eco-solvent printer/cutters – SOLJET, VersaCAMM VSi and VersaStudio models. All come with a white ink option, integrated die cutting capabilities, a maximum print resolution of 1440 dpi, and Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology for superior image quality in every print mode. Roland’s VersaUV also comes with clear ink for interesting textures and spot varnish effects in matte and gloss finishes. All eco-solvent printer/cutter lines include options for metallic silver ink which creates shimmering metallic effects.  Light black, included in the SOLJET Pro 4 model, ensures seamless grayscale reproduction for flawless photographic images.

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Advanced Color Management Tools from X-Rite

Roland wide-format inkjet printer/cutters are supported by the industry’s most advanced color management tools from X-Rite, which can be purchased conveniently online from Roland.  Perfect for package prototypes or any application where color matching is critical, Roland’s X-Rite offering includes two options: the i1Basic Pro 2 which allows you to calibrate your monitor and adjust printer settings for consistent color output, and the more extensive i1Publish Pro 2 which also allows you to develop your own custom media profiles. Both include X-Rite’s i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer, PANTONE® Color Manager software and the i1 accessories package.

Color Management Partners

Roland is proud to partner with CGS, EFI and GMG to handle all your proofing and color management needs.

What Our Users Are Saying...

“Our clients were amazed to learn that the prototype we sent was not a full production version. It was that realistic.”

What Our Users Are Saying...

“We applied the clear coat until we had established the proper thickness for the application. Being able to accurately control the thickness of a coating is a very unique feature.”

Dean Passaglia, Creative Director, Lava Partners, Irvine, California

Craig Mitchell, Opresident Adhesa Plate Manufacturing, Seattle, Washington

Roland R-Wear Studio is the most comprehensive apparel and gift design software ever produced. The software lets you create all elements of a design, including images, text, shapes, and rhinestone patterns. Roland R-Wear Studio can output to the Roland EGX-350 desktop engraver, the GX-24 desktop cutter, the Roland VP-300 printer/cutter and any standard inkjet printer. This unprecedented versatility is the key to creating such a wide range of custom gift and apparel products.

CorelDraw® is not just for creating logos, Web graphics, multi-page marketing brochures, eye-catching signs, etc. It can create rhinestone designs, too!

Heat Press, Engraving Stock & Heat Transfer Tape
After cutting your design into standard engraving stock, simply set the rhinestones into the design’s holes, cover them with the hot fix transfer tape and heat press them onto the garment. The entire process takes just a matter of minutes!

Hot Fix Rhinestones come in a dazzling array of shapes, sizes and colors! Whether your customers are making a fashion statement or creating a special costume, you will be able to give them all the glitter and glitz they could ever want. They can even add sparkle to children’s sports apparel.

Special Training
In today's competitive environment, expertise is more important than ever. Roland University's state-of-the-art training workshops, including Apparel Decoration, teach valuable skills that can help your business thrive. Professionals like you have depended on Roland University to reach their goals since 1999.

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