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Discover How Easy 3D Scanning Can Be
With the touch of a button, Roland LPX DS Series 3D laser scanners can generate a detailed, high resolution 3D model with watertight surfaces.

3D Laser Scanning Machines

Roland 3D laser scanners and touch probe scanners are perfect for a wide variety of CAD and computer graphics applications. The LPX DS series captures complex data for hand-held consumer products, blister package design, hand-sculpted characters for feature animation and a host of biomedical applications.

MDX-15 & MDX-20

  • Unattended scanning and milling
  • Roland Active Piezo Sensor
  • Subtractive Rapid Prototyping


  • Optional contact scanning unit digitizes physical parts for use in reverse engineering, product design, woodworking, archiving and more
  • Desktop rapid prototyping
  • 4-axis, unattended milling
  • Handles a wide variety of materials
  • Generates a smooth surface finish
  • G-code compatible
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