DWX-4W Wet Dental Mill | Roland DGA
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Windows 10
This document PDF lists instructions of how to install Roland drivers on Windows 10.
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OS Compatibility List
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Driver for Windows 8/10 ver. 1.70 32-bit Only
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Driver for Windows 8/10 ver. 1.70 64-bit Only
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Windows 7
Driver for Windows 7 Ver. 1.70 32-bit Only
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Driver for Windows 7 ver. 1.70 64-bit Only
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Windows 8
Driver for Windows 8/10 ver. 1.70 32-bit Only
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Driver for Windows 8/10 ver. 1.70 64-bit Only
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Windows Vista
Driver for Windows Vista ver. 1.70 32-bit Only
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Driver for Windows Vista ver. 1.70 64-bit Only
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Software OS Support List
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DWX-4W Maintenance checklist provides all steps for proper maintenance and care of the wet mill.
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This Maintenance Guide covers the daily, weekly, and monthly schedules to performing maintenance on the DWX-4W.
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Guide to maintaining DWX-4W nozzle integrity.
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Safety data sheet for coolant additive ZAW-1000D for the DWX-4W.
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Safety Data Sheet for DGShape ZCH-XXXD dated 53019
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DWX-4W Users Manual for operating instrctions for the mill
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This documents reviews the current Roland DGA depot repair policy
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Air Compressor Guide For the DWX-4W
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This Setup Guide will assist users in the installation and setup of the DWX-4W dental mill.
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[OS] : Windows 10(32-bit/64-bit) This is an installer program for VPanel for DWX-4W. Download the exe file, and double-click "setup.exe" and follow the instructions as displayed for installation.
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CIMSystem MillBox Wet Mills Software Updates 2021 - MillBox for DGSHAPE Wet Mills v5.0.5 Requires a 2021 Dongle Visit: https://help.cimsystem.com/
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VPanel for the DWX-4W version 1.30
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YouTube portal for Global DGSHAPE Video Content
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Walk-through of how to perform cleaning of your DWX-4W and performing Auto Correction
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This is a very important maintenance procedure to keep the collet in perfect condition
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This video will walk you through the proper steps for completing collet maintenance on the DWX-4W.
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Coolant replacement should be done weekly for best dental milling results with your DWX-4W
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This video will walk you through the steps to successfully perform coolant replacement for the DWX-4W.
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Get the most value out of your dental milling tools. We take a look at the most popular dental tools being used with Roland Dental Milling devices.
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Follow this link to the Roland Academy Webinars On-Demand webpage. Then filter through the videos to find a training session that suits your needs.
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HELP!! I can't find the driver I need for my Roland!
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With Roland limited warranties, you get not only extensive coverage of your device, but the best service and support in the industry. All products come standard with the manufacturers warranty outlined below, with upgrade options available on many products.
DWX-4W - Maintenance - Extended Periods of Non-Use / Moving the Machine
DWX-4W - Maintenance - Extended Periods of Non-Use / Moving the Machine
DWX-4W - Replacing Consumable Parts - Replacing the Collet
The % limit switch is not found.(% may be "X," "Y," "Z," or "A.")
The % axis position has been shifted.(% may be "X," "Y," "Z," or "A.")
The cover is open.
The milling bur cannot be released.
The milling bur might be broken.
The milling bur chucking has slipped out.
The milling bur is not found.
The coolant has run out.
The coolant tank is not installed.
The pressure of the compressed air is too high or low.
DANGER!! The coolant is leaking!!
The automatic correction is not yet finished.
HELP!! I can't find a Windows 7 driver for my machine!!
HELP!! I can't find a Windows8 driver for my machine!!
MillBox - Security Software / Anti-Virus Exclusions
HELP!! Ilost the software CDfor my machine!!
Tech Support Terms and Conditions
Information about my legacy product
Can I use either of these cleaning cartridges interchangeably?
Software OS Support List
Tech Support Terms and Conditions
This procedure will transfer tool registration when you change your pc.
When outputting a design to your engraver or milling machine, the software needs to be able to translate commands to the device. These commands tell the machine how fast to mill, at what revolutions per minute (RPM), and where to mill in 3D space. This is what makes up a toolpath. A Strategy is a combination of tool movements, material properties, software algorithms, and tool characteristics.