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DWX-4W Wet Dental Mill

Error Message 101E-0000
The milling bur might be broken.
Situation/error cause
  • The milling bur might be broken.
  • The milling bur might be out of position.
  • The inside of the collet might be dirty.
  1. Press and hold the button on the machine to clear the error.
  2. If the milling bur is broken or if it is out of position, replace it with a new milling bur.
  3. The milling conditions may be excessively strict, so review them.
  4. If the error occurs even after you review the milling conditions, perform collet maintenance. Carefully clean the inside of the collet
Situation/error cause
The collet may have worn out.

If the error occurs again even after you perform the above operations, the collet may have worn out, leading to a decrease in its retention capabilities. Replace the collet with a new one. After you replace the collet, correct the milling machine.
P. 53 "Replacing the Collet", P. 39 "Milling Machine Correction"
May 05, 2020