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DWX-4W Wet Dental Mill

DWX-4W - Replacing Consumable Parts - Replacing the Collet
DWX-4W - Replacing Consumable Parts - Replacing the Collet

Replacing the Collet

Recommended Replacement Interval

  • When scratches or rust appears on the tapered portion of the collet
  • If the collet is deformed
The collet is a part that wears out. If a large force, such as an overload during milling, is applied to the collet, the collet may have become deformed. In such cases, it is necessary to replace the collet. Contact your authorized Roland DG Corporation dealer to purchase a replacement collet.

Required Tools

Note: Collet replacement should be completed quickly. This is because a sufficient amount of compressed air must be supplied while performing the work, and if the work is not completed promptly, the compressed air supply will be insufficient. If the compressed air can no longer be supplied, an error will occur, which will result in the need to start the operation over from the beginning.


  1. Remove the old collet.

Refer to P. 28 "Collet Maintenance" to remove the old collet.

  1. Clean the inside of the spindle (where contact with the collet is made) with the taper cleaner. Rotate the taper cleaner left and right as if you are brushing the inner portion of the spindle

  2. Lightly apply grease to the tapered portion on the outside of the new collet.A thin application is sufficient. Do not apply excessively.
  1. Assemble the collet, collet replacement jig, and collet tap as shown in the figure, and then insert this assembly into the spindle.
  1. While gently pressing the collet tap up into the hole, rotate the collet replacement jig in the direction indicated in the figure to tighten the collet.Keep rotating until the collet replacement jig will not rotate any more.The collet will be subjected to com-pressed air. Be careful to prevent the collet from falling out.
  1. Attach the collet replacement jig and the collet tap.
  1. Close the front cover.
  2. Replacing the collet is complete once the mes-sage in the figure is displayed.Click [OK].
May 08, 2020