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DWX-4W Wet Dental Mill

Error Message 101D-0000
The milling bur cannot be released.

Situation/error cause
The returning of the milling bur failed. The cause may be dirt inside the collet or on the ATC magazine or damage or deformation of the collet.


  1. Follow the messages displayed in VPanel to forcibly release the milling bur.If the bur is difficult to remove because the connection portion is stuck, shake the milling bur to the left and right while pulling downward.

  1. Perform collet maintenance. Carefully clean the inside of the collet.

P23 "STEP 0: Spindle Run-In (Short)"

  1. Clean the ATC magazine

P34 "Cleaning after Milling Finishes"

If the error occurs again even after you perform the above operations, the collet may be deformed. In this case, replace the collet. Perform automatic correction after the replacement.

P.39" Milling Machine Correction"


Situation/error Cause
There is a possibility that the spindle unit is defective.

If the error occurs again even after you replace the collet, replace the spindle unit. After you replace the spindle unit, correct the milling machine.

P.49"Replacing the Spindle Unit", P.39" Milling Machine Correction"

May 06, 2020