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DWX-4 4-Axis Dental Milling Machine

DWX-4 Poor Cutting Quality
Poor cutting quality on my DWX-4
​Poor cutting quality on my DWX-4.

This could be caused by several different reasons.


​Poor cutting results could be caused by the follow:

1. Make sure the work piece securely fastened to the fixture. Any vibration or movement as the tool contacts the work piece will influence the cutting quality. 

2. The cutting tool is worn out. Replace with a new tool and verify output

    The working time of the tool can be managed in the VPanel, refer to DWX-4 User Manual, page 13 for instructions to better monitor the life of the tool.

3. Origin point maybe out of position. It could happen if you just moved the DWX-4 to a different location or under high duty cycles.

    Perform Automatic Correction (Maintenance Tab, Operation section). Refer to DWX-4 User Manual, page 29.   

    If this does not solve the problem then refer to the Manual Correction steps shown in the DWX-4 User Manual, page 12.

May 12, 2020