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CAMM-1 GX-24 24" Vinyl Cutter

GX-24 USB Port Issues, Option to Use USB-Serial Adapter
Having USB commication port issues on my GX-24.What are my options?

​Having USB commication port issues on my GX-24.  What are my options?


​Whenever a USB port is failing, you can use the cutter’s “Serial” port to communicate. Now, to connect the GX-24 to a Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 computer when the USB port is unavailable, you’ll need a USB-Serial adapter cable.


Adapter Cable    Available here   (Roland DGA Store)

​Now, the most important thing to understand is that Windows will detect your USB-Serial cable as an actual “device”. All “devices” request drivers. So, separate from the GX-24, the cable you use should include a driver. You’ll have to install the driver for the cable and that should create a port that you can assign to the GX-24.
Now, if the cable does not come with a driver, you may have to consider contacting the cable manufacturer for support with their device.

Ultimately, once the cable is setup, a new port should be added to the list of Windows ports. For example, an COM port or a new USB port should be added and you can assign that new port to the driver.  If that does not happen, you’ll have to call the cable maker and request support for their product.

Finally, once you know the new port has been added, you can simply install the GX-24 driver, but you must temporarily specify COM as the port that’s going to be used. This will allow the driver to install onto Windows. After the driver’s installed, you can access the driver properties and change the port assignment to the new port that was created by the cable.

You can download the driver from our website here: <>

You can now communicate with the cutter. If not, then the cutter will require service (likely a new main board).

April 01, 2020