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GX Series Large Format Cutters
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Conquer the graphics world with the new GR cutters.

NEW CAMM-1 GR-640, GR-540 Large Format Cutters

    GR-640: $6995 US* 
    GR-540: $5995 US*

    Combo Offer
    $19,995 US*
    RF-640 + GR-640

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Available in 54” and 64” model sizes, GR cutters are powerful, easy-to-operate devices. Packed with advanced and versatile new features, they are designed for a whole new level of sign, apparel, vehicle graphics and packaging production.

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Key Features



New electronically adjustable pinch rollers with 10 pressure settings to accommodate a range of media types.

Nuevos rodillos de arrastre eléctricos con diez niveles de presión para permitir una gama de tipos de materiales.




New carriage and tool holder with enhanced pressure (up-to 600 gf), up to 10x overlap cutting, and two blade positions.

Nuevo carro y sujetador de herramienta con mayor presión (hasta 600 gf), corte superpuesto de hasta diez veces, y dos posiciones de cuchilla.




LCD control panel with memory features and pen force adjustment to allow users to change down force on-the-fly.

Panel de control LCD con funciones de memoria y ajuste de fuerza de trazo para permitir a los usuarios cambiar la fuerza de corte sobre la marcha.




Built-in handles to easily maneuver the cutter for media handling.

Mangos incorporados que permiten maniobrar fácilmente la cortadora para la manipulación del material.




Media basket included.

Cesta para materiales incluida.




L-Shaped design for added machine stability.

Diseño en forma de “L” para una mayor estabilidad de la máquina.



  • Designed for faster cutting at 58.5 in/s (1,485 mm/s) and an increased down force of 600gf 
  • Electronically adjustable pinch rollers with 10 pressure settings to firmly grip the thinnest and thickest materials
  • Features a cutting groove to prolong blade life
  • Overlap cutting up to 10x to precisely cut thicker substrates such as diamond-grade reflective vinyl
  • Extend mode supports an additional .79 inches (20 mm) in width
  • Overcut function by 1mm at each endpoint to produce sharpest edges

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