As the world's first UV printer with integrated contour cutting, Roland's DPI award-winning VersaUV LEC series quickly revolutionized the packaging prototype and short-run label industries. For the first time, professionals could print CMYK plus white and clear inks for varnishing and embossing effects on virtually any substrate and then crease, contour cut or perf-cut their designs, all on one device through one seamless workflow

Available in 30- and 54-inch models, Roland LEC series UV printers use safe, low-heat LED lamps to print on materials ranging from metallic and synthetic papers and foils to BOPP, PE and PET film, even leather and fabrics. VersaUV creates remarkably rich effects including matte and high-gloss finishes in your choice of textures and patterns. Roland ECO-UV inks produce graphics that are easy to handle and can be stretched across curved surfaces and sharp edges without cracking. With VersaUV, your prototypes and comps are so realistic, they are virtually indistinguishable from finished products.

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What Our Users Are Saying...

“We've really pushed the limits, and the VersaUV has handled whatever we've thrown at it. We've printed everything from small candy pouches on foils to point-of-purchase displays on solid bleached sulfate (SBS) board, all with great results.”

What Our Users Are Saying...

“Having the LEC-300 means we can produce small runs in a short time, while maintaining our high standards for quality and durability.”

What Our Users Are Saying...

“We applied the clear coat until we had established the proper thickness for the application. Being able to accurately control the thickness of a coating is a very unique feature.”

What Our Users Are Saying...

“I really enjoy creating luxurious effects on the LEC-300. We've done beautiful prototypes and packaging planograms, fantastic foil and embossed labels, wedding invitations with beautiful appliqués, pop-up displays, and even custom turned-edge boxes with embossing. The designs we can create with are exquisite and unique. The LEC helps me do truly innovative things, and that's paying off with our clients.”

What Our Users Are Saying...

“Recently, we needed to apply a coating on a curved surface, where the standard polyurethane coating couldn't provide the level of durability and flexibility that was required. We turned to our Roland LEC-330, testing passes of its clear coat ink over the printed surface. With the LEC-330, being able to control the thickness of the coating has been a very unique and valuable feature. The LEC completed the entire job of printing, cutting and coating. It hit a home run for us its very first time at bat.”

What Our Users Are Saying...

“The LEC-540 has been a great investment for our company. American Label can create boxes, labels, one-off prototypes or even samples product presentations, delivering a design that makes an impact and wows the customer. This one machine really does it all, and has opened up new opportunities for our company.”

What Our Users Are Saying...

“Our clients were amazed to learn that the prototype we sent was not a full production version. It was that realistic.”

What Our Users Are Saying...

“With our diverse base of students, we really needed equipment that was robust, and easy to use and maintain. Roland has always delivered for us. Students learn to print stickers, banners, marketing materials and packaging prototypes, among other projects. Students enjoy using the gloss affects to add texture and interest to their print projects. They are pretty stoked about the machine's capabilities. It's really exciting to have the Roland technology available and see what the students are able to do with it.”

What Our Users Are Saying...

“In the past, we had used our final proof machine for prototyping, which was very expensive. The LEC lets us print directly on foil stocks and plastic media and laying down white ink on foil stock is crucial to our business. We now have prototyping and proofing capabilities we've never had, at a lower operating cost than we thought we could achieve. The machine has paid for itself quite rapidly.”

Rob Torres Director of Digital Media, White Graphics, Downers Grove, Illinois

Matt Berry Vice President, Impact Label Corporation, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Craig Mitchell President Adhesa Plate Manufacturing, Seattle, Washington

Thom Urban Owner, Core Color Graphics

Craig Mitchell President Adhesa Plate Manufacturing

David Fisher President, The Fisher Group, Inc.

Dean Passaglia Creative Director, Lava Partners, Irvine, California

Erich Leman Premedia Facilities Coordinator, Rochester Institute of Technology, School of Print Media

Steve Coy Prepress Color Specialist, Wynalda Litho, Inc.

  • Three models available:
    • 54” LEC-540 – for faster print speeds and seamless production of larger, semi-rigid graphics
    • 30” LEC-330 – high-speed performance and superior image quality, great for production printing of packaging prototypes, labels and specialty graphics
    • ECO-UV inks, available in two formulations:
        • Original ECO-UV for applications requiring clear coat
        • ECO-UV S for added flexibility (CMYK and white only)
          • Stretches up to 220 percent
          • Available in CMYK + White + White configuration only
  • Ink Configuration Options
      • LEC-540/330
        • CMYK+White+Clear
        • CMYK+White+White
        • CMYK+Clear+Clear
  • Prints, contour cuts, perf-cuts and creases designs
  • Layered Clear produces unique textures and finishes including matte and gloss varnish and embossing effects
  • Software drivers available from leading providers of color management and proofing software (CGS, GMG, EFI)
  • Includes Versaworks RIP Software
  • Advanced X-Rite color management tools available
    • Supports hundreds of media options
      • Metallic and synthetic papers, foils, BOPP, PE and PET film and other flexible substrates
      • LEC-540 features front and rear tables to support rigid materials
    • Maximum1440x1440 dpi image quality for fine quality and tiny text
    • Print speeds up to 126 sqft./hr. (LEC-540)
    • Patent-pending intelligent ink circulation system
    • Safe, long-lasting and low-heat LED Lamps
    • Lowest power consumption in its class
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    $49,995 US*
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