TrueVIS VG-640 Printer/Cutter
TrueVIS VG Series printer/cutters
Completely Reimagined

TrueVIS VG-640, VG-540 Large-Format Inkjet Printer/Cutters


    $24,995 US

    For a limited time only
    $21,995 US*

    $20,995 US

    For a limited time only
    $17,995 US*

    *Promotion valid through Dec 31, 2017 in North and South America excluding Brazil. Terms and Conditions apply. See dealer for more details.


    VG-640 $500 US**

    Lease price reflecting promotional offer
    $440 US* **

    VG-540 $420 US**

    Lease price reflecting promotional offer
    $360 US* **

    ** For 60 months, OAC

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With the new TrueVIS VG Series, we didn’t just make a few upgrades to our large-format inkjet printer/cutters – we reimagined everything. New print heads that deliver beautiful prints more efficiently. New inks that are more vibrant and cost-effective. New cutting technology that increases accuracy. New technology to communicate with your existing phones and tablets. And so much more. The future of print/cut has arrived.

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Save $3000 on a TrueVIS VG Printer/Cutter

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Distinguishing Features

VG series ink pouches
VG series ink pouches

New TrueVIS INK – available in 4-color (CMYK), 7-color (CMYKLcLmLk) or 7-color plus White (CMYKLcLmLk+W) – delivers exceptional quality in cost-effective 500ml pouches, with reusable cartridges

VG series printheads

Four new print heads fire precision droplets in 3 sizes and a wide print swath, for high-quality output and efficient ink usage

VG series mobile panel

New Bluetooth-enabled Roland DG Mobile Panel allows for operation of the VG from your smartphone or tablet