DWX-52D Applications | Roland
DWX-52D close up of puck and drill

DWX-52D Applications


Users can mill temporary/provisional crowns as well as permanent crowns, producing zirconia and composite prosthetics with close replication


Mill single or multiple bridge replacements of any size from a choice of compatible materials.


Create front-facial restorations such as veneers with zirconia, PMMA, composite resin materials and more.

Inlays and Onlays

Mill indirect inlays (intracoronal fillings) and onlays (cusp fillings) from zirconia, composite materials, and a range of popular materials.


Mill different copings for casting or porcelain applications.


Mill numerous abutments and partial denture supports, including hybrid abutments with a Ti base, glue-based, etc.

Expanded Applications

Efficiently mills denture frameworks, implant bars, bite splints, surgical guides, and other restoration jobs.

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